Day: January 20, 2020

China Reports More Than 200 Infections With New Coronavirus From Wuhan

The outbreak of a new virus that began in the Chinese city of Wuhan last month appears to be far from over. Today, Chinese health authorities reported that over 130 new pneumonia cases caused by the virus were identified over the weekend, bringing the total in China alone to 201, including three outside Wuhan. From…

Leaving your admin interface’s TLS cert and private key in your router firmware in 2020? Just Netgear things

Finding sparks debate over bug disclosure – and how do you secure a local gateway’s web control panel Netgear left in its router firmware key ingredients needed to intercept and tamper with secure connections to its equipment’s web-based admin interfaces.… …read more Source:: Register

Save a small fortune by buying this $22 Apple Pencil alternative – CNET

The Aceirst Stylus Pen combines the best of the old and new Apple Pencil styluses and works with all the most recent Pencil-compatible iPads. …read more Source:: CNet

Yes, even Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos would get $1,000 under Andrew Yang’s plan – CNET

Yang and the other high-profile presidential candidates spoke at the Brown and Black Forum in Des Moines, Iowa. …read more Source:: CNet

Electric Unicorn Is Our Kind Of Rideable

When [Charlyn] took a unicorn rocking horse in to work, it was an instant hit. Naturally, the people wanted more, and suggested it needed electric propulsion. Naturally, she rose to the challenge, and Rocky the Unicorn got a motorized upgrade. The build consists of a frame built out of PVC pipes, hooked up with Formufit…

People Can Be Identified By the Way They Dance

Might it be possible that someday in the near future, an official might get you to dance around a bit, in order to confirm that you’re really you? Perhaps not, but nonetheless, a recent study has determined that people’s identities can be matched to their unique style of dancing. From a report: Scientists at Finland’s…

China To Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags and Straws

China, one of the world’s biggest producers of plastic waste, is set to introduce a ban on all non-degradable plastic bags and single-use straws in major cities. From a report: As part of a plan to drastically reduce plastic pollution, China’s government said the production and sale of disposable foam and plastic tableware, often used…

Samsung mobile chief steps back from day-to-day operations – CNET

Tae-moon Roh will take over D.J. Koh’s former role as head of the smartphone business, while Koh will focus on long-term strategy. …read more Source:: CNet

Ubisoft sues operators of four DDoS-for-hire services

Ubisoft delivers on threats it made in September 2019 and goes after website selling DDoS services that were used to launch attacks against Rainbow Six Siege servers. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Baby Yoda versus Baby Jabba: The Star Wars battle of cuteness is on – CNET

Artist Leonardo Viti has Star Wars fans swooning over an adorable baby Hutt. …read more Source:: CNet