Day: February 12, 2020

NASA remasters Voyager 1’s famous ‘Pale Blue Dot’ image – CNET

We’re small, but glorious. …read more Source:: CNet

Accenture: Can your enterprise survive the tech-clash?

According to Accenture Technology Vision 2020 Report, companies need to balance ‘value’ with their stakeholder ‘values’ in order to successfully compete in digital economy. To achieve this balanced approach, companies need to develop a new mindset and the ability to managing the clash between business and technology models that are incongruous with stakeholder’s needs and…

Reuters will fact-check Facebook and Instagram posts ahead of 2020 election – CNET

The media organization has joined the fight against fake news and deepfakes. …read more Source:: CNet

Crypto-upstart subpoenas Glassdoor to unmask ex-staff believed to be behind negative reviews. EFF to the rescue…

Parent of Kraken wants to know who’s daring to speak their mind The Electronic Frontier Foundation is fighting an attempt by a cryptocurrency exchange to find out which of its ex-employees have been dissing the firm online.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Tim Sweeney: Android is a Fake Open System, and iOS is Worse

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney opened a game event in Las Vegas today with a call to make the industry more open and liberate it from the monopolistic practices of platform owners such as Google and Apple. From a report: In a talk about his vision for games in the next decade, Sweeney alternated between…

Pokemon Home launches on Switch and mobile – CNET

Gather all your Poke-pals in one place. …read more Source:: CNet

One third of plant and animal species could be extinct in 50 years due to climate change – CNET

Researchers studied recent extinctions from climate change to estimate what species could be gone by 2070. …read more Source:: CNet

Evenflo car seats face federal investigation over safety claims – Roadshow

The well-known car-seat brand is alleged to have misled customers with claims that its Big Kid booster seat is safe in a side-impact crash. …read more Source:: CNet

Mobile World Congress now none of those things as 2020 industry megashow axed over coronavirus fears

Mass drop-outs prove too costly for European comms conference MWC Good news for anyone who fancies a cheap vacation in Spain at the end of the month: this year’s MWC Barcelona has been officially cancelled.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Average Tenure of a CISO is Just 26 Months Due To High Stress and Burnout

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs, or CSOs) across the industry are reporting high levels of stress. From a report: Many say the heightened stress levels has led to mental and physical health issues, relationship problems, medication and alcohol abuse, and in some cases, an eventual burnout, resulting in an average 26-month tenure before CISOs find…