Day: March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Poll: Cyberattacks Ramp Up as Work from Home Takes Hold

A poll of Threatpost readers shows that security preparedness is uneven as organizations make an unprecedented transition to remote working. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Tesla shutting Fremont factory due to coronavirus pandemic after all – Roadshow

Elon Musk and Co. will temporarily wind down the factory on March 23. …read more Source:: CNet

Tidal is singing our song: Get 4 months of music streaming for just $4 – CNET

You can save $76 on Tidal’s HiFi plan, which means you can make a playlist of lossless music for your self-quarantine soundtrack. …read more Source:: CNet

What do you not want right now? A bunch of Cisco SD-WAN, Webex vulnerabilities? Here are a bunch of them

Switchzilla says remote networking gear has a grab-bag of holes Cisco has issued a series of security updates for its SD-WAN and Webex software, just when they’re most needed.… …read more Source:: Register

DirectX 12 Ultimate is an Attempt To ‘Future-Proof’ Graphics Hardware

A new DirectX badge is going to start showing up on graphics hardware: It’s called DirectX 12 Ultimate, and it denotes support for “ALL next generation graphics hardware features,” Microsoft announced today. From a report: DirectX is a collection of application programming languages (APIs) that developers use to communicate with your hardware. You can think…

Intel’s Neuromorphic Chip Learns To ‘Smell’ 10 Hazardous Chemicals

Researchers from Intel and Cornell University trained a neuromorphic chip to learn and recognize the scents of 10 hazardous chemicals. Engadget reports: Using Intel’s Loihi, a neuromorphic chip, the team designed an algorithm based on the brain’s olfactory circuit. When you take a whiff of something, molecules stimulate olfactory cells in your nose. Those cells…

Netherlands PM says what we all want to hear: There’s enough toilet paper – CNET

Now if the US could say the same thing … …read more Source:: CNet

Grey’s Anatomy, other medical TV shows halted by coronavirus donate masks to hospitals – CNET

The Resident, Station 19 and The Good Doctor have also provided supplies. …read more Source:: CNet

GDC rescheduled for August after coronavirus postponement – CNET

The big gaming event has been moved from March to August. …read more Source:: CNet

Twitter Broadly Bans Any COVID-19 Tweets That Could Help the Virus Spread

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: On Wednesday, Twitter updated its safety policy to prohibit tweets that “could place people at a higher risk of transmitting COVID-19.” The new policy bans tweets denying expert guidance on the virus, encouraging “fake or ineffective treatments, preventions and diagnostic techniques” as well as tweets that mislead…