Day: April 15, 2020

Information Security Forum: Nine Cybersecurity Threats Organizations can Expect Through 2022

The Information Security Forum (ISF), a London-based authority on cybersecurity, information security and risk management has released Threat Horizon 2022, which highlights nine major threats, broken down into three themes, that organizations can expect to face over the next two years as a result of increasing developments in technology. …read more Source:: SecurityMagazine

New Malware Family Assembles IoT Botnet

‘Mozi’ combines code from three previously known IoT malware. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Pentagon watchdog sets phasers to none, clears $10bn JEDI contract process but leaves door open for lawsuits

Collective amnesia over claimed ‘screw Amazon’ comment There is no evidence of wrongdoing or undue influence in the Pentagon’s controversial $10bn JEDI cloud contract award to Microsoft, the Defense Department’s internal watchdog has concluded.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Tesla Berlin will be home to fancy paint jobs – CNET

Gigafactory 4 will support multilayered paint schemes that should let buyers experiment far beyond the traditional Tesla palette. …read more Source:: CNet

Multiple Banks Have Reported Outages As People Check For Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

Chase, Capital One, PNC Bank and others across the U.S. have reported outages with online and mobile banking Wednesday — the same day the coronavirus IRS stimulus checks are expected to hit bank accounts of those eligible. CNET reports: Banks including Chase, Capital One, PNC Bank, US Bank and Navy Federal, as well as the…

Google’s Wear OS adds reminder to wash hands to prevent COVID-19 – CNET

It’ll also set a 40-second timer. …read more Source:: CNet

As Amazon’s stock price soars and Bezos adds to his billions affiliates face massive cuts in their commissions

Times are hard…for you at least On Tuesday, Amazon told members of its affiliate marketing program that it will reduce the commissions it pays them to promote products on their websites.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Blanket your home in Wi-Fi with Tenda Nova’s affordable mesh router for $78 – CNET

This whole-home system should cover up to about 3,750 square feet. …read more Source:: CNet

Microsoft’s New ‘Planetary Computer’ Project Will Use Global Environmental Data To Support Sustainability

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: Microsoft is embarking on a new sustainability initiative as part of its overall approach to support environmental protection measures, with a project it calls the “Planetary Computer.” This will actually be a computing endeavor that uses aggregated global environmental data collected from a number of sources as…

Why the $399 iPhone SE is the perfect phone in the age of coronavirus – CNET

Apple’s $399 phone comes as millions are out of a job — and when access to a working device is essential. …read more Source:: CNet