Day: May 1, 2020

Ryan Reynolds on Deadpool 3: ‘A win for everyone involved’ – CNET

Star says he’s a huge fan of Marvel and its films and sees Disney’s acquisition of Fox as “a good thing.” …read more Source:: CNet

The New United Nations Coronavirus Social Distancing App Doesn’t Even Work

This week a division of the United Nations announced its new social distancing app designed to help alert people when they get too close to another person during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Motherboard has found that the app, called 1point5, is barely functional, and an independent researcher highlighted how the app may be largely ineffective…

Mother’s Day 2020: Our 15 favorite gifts for your mom – CNET

Our list of thoughtful, practical presents carefully curated for these strange times. …read more Source:: CNet

This 5-quart air fryer usually sells for $80, but is now just $53 – CNET

Advice for the uninitiated: This is the way chicken wings were meant to be cooked. …read more Source:: CNet

OpenAI’s Jukebox AI Produces Music in Any Style From Scratch — Complete With Lyrics

OpenAI this week released Jukebox, a machine learning framework that generates music — including rudimentary songs — as raw audio in a range of genres and musical styles. From a report: Provided with a genre, artist, and lyrics as input, Jukebox outputs a new music sample produced from scratch. The code and model are available…

It’s official: Almost half of Americans don’t always wear pants while working from home, survey says – CNET

Only 53% regularly wear pants working from home while sheltering in place. The rest might go without pants, skirts, shorts or any bottoms at all. …read more Source:: CNet

Spyware slinger NSO to Facebook: Pretty funny you’re suing us in California when we have no US presence and use no American IT services…

Malware maker urges judge to dump lawsuit over WhatsApp phone snooping Israeli spyware maker NSO Group has rubbished Facebook’s claim it can be sued in California because it allegedly uses American IT services and has a business presence in the US.… …read more Source:: Register

Upgraded Cerberus Spyware Spreads Rapidly via MDM

No longer a simple Android banker, Cerberus is now a full-fledged RAT that can take complete control of devices and automatically spread via mobile device management servers. …read more Source:: Threatpost

FCC gets even tougher on robocallers – CNET

No more warnings for illegal robocallers. The FCC is getting serious. …read more Source:: CNet

FDA issues emergency use authorization for the drug remdesivir as COVID-19 treatment – CNET

It will be given to coronavirus patients who are “hospitalized with severe disease.” …read more Source:: CNet