Day: May 3, 2020

America’s Government Approves Release of Genetically-Engineered Mosquitoes

America’s Environmental Protection Agency “granted permission for genetically engineered mosquitoes to be released into the Florida Keys and around Houston to see if they can help limit the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses,” writes Bloomberg Environment. clovis (Slashdot reader #4,684) shared their report on ab experimental use permit granted to British biotech company Oxitec Ltd: Oxitec’s…

iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11: Comparing cameras from both phones – CNET

We test how the $399 iPhone SE and its single rear camera compares against the $699 iPhone 11 and its dual rear cameras. It’s not as straightforward as it seems. …read more Source:: CNet

Health Officials Worry About Possible Lack of Cooperation on Coronavirus Vaccines

Global health officials and diplomats are “alarmed” by America’s “apparent lack of interest in cooperation” on international efforts for a vaccine against Covid-19. Slashdot reader Charlotte Web quotes this report from Politico: The fear is that Trump will be content with allowing the race to develop and distribute the vaccine to devolve into a global…

DIY Ribbon Controller For A DIY Synth

There’s kind of a special joy in making instruments, no matter how simple or complex they are. Even if it’s a straight-up noisemaker, that’s noise you can be proud of. And besides, noise plus rhythm equals music. Whenever you’re ready to have some next-level fun, try making controllers for your DIY instruments. Synthesizers of all…

Apple CEO Tim Cook delivers virtual commencement address to Ohio State grads – CNET

Cook draws comparison between what the graduates can achieve under these trying times to the accomplishments of those who lived through the 1918 flu epidemic. …read more Source:: CNet

What Keeps Developers Happy? Contributing to Open Source

This week long-time open source advocate Matt Asay warned employers that the best way to keep their developers happy was to let them contribute to open source projects: SlashData recently surveyed over 16,000 developers to see what makes them tick… what they care about. The data is collected in SlashData’s State of the Developer Nation,…

Say goodbye to toilet paper: Save $40 on a Brondell Swash bidet – CNET

Woot has two styles, but both offer heated water, a nightlight, self-cleaning nozzle and gently closing lid. …read more Source:: CNet

Google’s reCAPTCHA Is Being Used To Hide Phishing Pages

An anonymous reader quotes Infosecurity magazine: New research from Barracuda Networks has revealed that cyber-criminals are increasingly using official reCAPTCHA walls to disguise malicious content from email security systems and trick unsuspecting users… [S]ophisticated scammers are beginning to use the Google-owned service to prevent automated URL analysis systems from accessing the actual content of phishing…

Sunday deal roundup: $59 Edifier ANC headphones, free year of Food Network and more – CNET

Boil water without a stove for $22 or save big on a JBL soundbar. …read more Source:: CNet

Ghost blogging platform servers hacked and infected with crypto-miner

Ghost platform got hacked via the same vulnerability that allowed hackers to breach the LineageOS servers hours before. …read more Source:: ZDNet