Day: May 16, 2020

‘Doom Eternal’ Is Using Denuvo’s New Kernel-Level Anti-Cheat Driver

“Doom Eternal has become the latest game to use a kernel-level driver to aid in detecting cheaters in multiplayer matches,” reports Ars Technica: The game’s new driver and anti-cheat tool come courtesy of Denuvo parent Irdeto, a company once known for nearly unbeatable piracy protection and now known for somewhat effective but often cracked piracy…

Make cheap, delicious popcorn in the microwave with this $19 silicone bowl – CNET

Colonel Popper pays for itself in short order by popping regular bags of popcorn kernels. …read more Source:: CNet

Nintendo Switch Lite is in stock at Best Buy and GameStop: Latest inventory update – CNET

Just updated: Here’s where you can find the $200 portable version of Nintendo’s hot gaming console. …read more Source:: CNet

Free for the Weekend: Grand Theft Auto V and 3 other free games – CNET

Combined value of all these goodies: around $140. …read more Source:: CNet

Get a JBL Link View smart display for $99 – CNET

Save $200 on this 8-inch touchscreen with Google Assistant and speakers that’ll appeal to audiophiles. …read more Source:: CNet

Addressing ‘Design Mistakes’ in Node.js, Its Developers Release JS/TypeScript Runtime Deno 1.0

“The makers of the widely used JavaScript server-side runtime, Node.js, have released Deno 1.0, a new runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that addresses ‘design mistakes’ in Node.js,” reports ZDNet: Just like Node.js or Node, the Deno runtime is for executing JavaScript outside a web browser. However, unlike Node.js, Deno offers first-class support for Microsoft’s increasingly…

CNC Plasma Cutter Filter Gets the Slag Out

No matter what kind of tools and materials you use in your shop, chances are pretty good that some process is going to release something that you don’t want to breathe. Table saw? Better deal with that wood dust. 3D-printer? We’ve discussed fume control ad nauseam. Soldering? It’s best not to inhale those flux fumes….

Nissan Kicks gets some new duds in Asia – CNET

It seems like a no-brainer these looks will come to the US soon. …read more Source:: CNet

Supercomputers hacked across Europe to mine cryptocurrency

Confirmed infections have been reported in the UK, Germany, and Switzerland. Another suspected infection was reported in Spain. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Does Science Fiction Build Mental Resiliency in Young Readers?

Long-time Slashdot reader sandbagger writes: Science fiction and fantasy can help readers make sense of the world. Rather than limiting readers’ capacity to deal with reality, exposure to outside-the-box creative stories may expand their ability to engage reality based on science according to an article by an assistant professor of English at Clark University. “Let…