Day: June 15, 2020

Ryuk Continues to Dominate Ransomware Response Cases

Analysis reveals how Ryuk’s operators are changing their techniques and using new means to break in. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Elon Musk coloring book lets you make art out of CEO’s weirdest tweets – CNET

The Kickstarter project is an absolute unit. …read more Source:: CNet

12 great last-minute Father’s Day gifts – CNET

There are only a few shopping days left before dad’s day. We’ve got you covered with some great in-stock gadgets you can get delivered in time. …read more Source:: CNet

Amazon Says Jeff Bezos Is Willing To Testify Before Congress

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive, is willing to testify before a House antitrust investigation (Warning: source may be paywalled; alternative source) into the market power of major tech companies alongside other chief executives, a lawyer for Amazon wrote to lawmakers on Sunday. The New York Times reports: Amazon had resisted making him available to the…

Now-Former eBay Security Team Members Charged in Bizarre Cyberstalking Campaign

A bloody pig mask, doxing threats, and a foiled surveillance attempt were among the actions six ex-eBay employees took against an editor and publisher of a newsletter. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Twitter Disrupts Wide-Ranging Political Disinformation Campaigns

This removal, of 32K accounts, is not the first time Twitter has taken action to protect its users from influence operations. Researchers weighed in on the practice with Threatpost. …read more Source:: Threatpost

WhatsApp picks Brazil to launch digital payments

The service is being launched with local banks Sicredi, Banco do Brasil and Nubank as initial partners. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Why Expanding Highways Makes Traffic Worse

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: Americans drove 40 percent more miles in 2019 than they did in 1994, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. More driving means more congested traffic. So to reduce congestion, it makes sense to build more highway lanes so that more cars can fit. Right? Actually, no….

ESET rushes to defend rival Malwarebytes in legal war sparked by vendor upset at ‘unwanted program’ labeling

Security biz, academics, tech advocacy groups ask Supreme Court to review ruling that could derail antivirus industry Analysis Last week, fourteen cybersecurity experts, infosec biz ESET, and tech advocacy groups the Internet Association and TechFreedom filed friend-of-the-court briefs urging the US Supreme Court to review a 2019 appeals court ruling against antivirus maker Malwarebytes.… …read…

T-Mobile Hit By Phone Calling Outage

T-Mobile appears to be having problems. TechCrunch: Customers are reporting that they can’t make or receive phone calls, although data and text messages seem to be unaffected. DownDetector, which collects outage reports from users, indicates that a major outage is underway. It’s not clear how widespread the issue is, but at the time of writing…