Day: August 1, 2020

Pre-Clinical Test of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Shows It Protected Monkeys from Covid-19

“Johnson & Johnson’s experimental coronavirus vaccine protected macaque monkeys with a single shot in a pre-clinical study, potentially gaining on other vaccines that are further along in testing but require two doses over time,” reports Bloomberg: Five of six primates exposed to the pandemic-causing pathogen were immune after a single injection. The exception showed low…

Spacecraft Made From Ultra Thin Foam Could Reach Proxima Centauri In 185 Years

An anonymous reader quotes Newsweek: A hypothetical spacecraft made from an extremely thin layer of a synthetic foam could technically make it to our closest neighboring star Proxima Centauri in just 185 years, scientists have said. If Voyager were to make the same journey, it would take around 73,000 years, according to NASA. In a…

How to watch SpaceX bring NASA astronauts back to Earth this weekend – CNET

Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley made history getting to the space station aboard a Crew Dragon capsule. Weather permitting, they’re coming home soon. …read more Source:: CNet

Playing the Pixelflut

Every hacker gathering needs as many pixels as its hackers can get their hands on. Get a group together and you’ll be blinded by the amount of light on display. (We propose “a blinkenlights” as the taxonomic name for such a group.) At a large gathering, what better way to show of your elite hacking…

Attention Rogue Drone Pilots: AI Can See You

schwit1 quotes IEEE Spectrum: The minute details of rogue drone’s movements in the air may unwittingly reveal the drone pilot’s location — possibly enabling authorities to bring the drone down before, say, it has the opportunity to disrupt air traffic or cause an accident. And it’s possible without requiring expensive arrays of radio triangulation and…

NBA restart: How to watch Pelicans vs. Clippers, Lakers vs. Raptors today without cable – CNET

In day 3 of the restarted NBA season, Zion Williamson, Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James and Anthony Davis play their second of eight seeding games. …read more Source:: CNet

Google Threatens to Remove All Danish Music From YouTube

YouTube is “embroiled in a very public spat with songwriters and music publishers in Denmark,” according to one music-industry news site. They cite Koda, the group that collects royalties and licensing fees for musicians, as saying that YouTube is now threatening to remove all music written by Danish songwriters: The cause of this threat is…

MLB is back: How to watch Red Sox vs. Yankees, Astros vs. Angels today without cable – CNET

Three more games are postponed today but the rest of the league is still playing, for now. …read more Source:: CNet

Apple Watch Series 5 vs. Apple Watch Series 3: Which is the best smartwatch for you? – CNET

Splurge on the Series 5 or save $200 on the Series 3? We’ll tell you which one to buy. …read more Source:: CNet

The Kandi K23 and K27 look weird – Roadshow

They hail from China and they’ll be supercheap when they go on sale later in 2020. …read more Source:: CNet