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The large scale maps of the universe show something is seriously wrong with current models of gravity and dark matter. The universe simply isn’t clumping right and, no, it’s not the new improved formula. As you go from the early universe to the present day, gravity should cause things to clump in specific ways.

It isn’t. Which means dark matter can’t be cold and general relativity may have a problem.

They need more data to prove it’s not just a freaky part of the universe they’re looking at, which is being collected.

“The new results come from the Kilo-Degree Survey, or KiDS, which uses the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope to map the distribution of matter across our universe,” according to the Independent:
So far, it has charted roughly 5% of the extragalactic sky, from an analysis of 31 million galaxies that are as much as 10 billion light years away… That allows researchers to build up a picture of all matter in the universe, of which some 90 per cent is invisible, made up of dark matter and tenuous gas.

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