Day: September 1, 2020

Fabric AR thinks augmented reality needs a makeover – CNET

CNET Now What explores how one startup intends to crack the code on compelling AR. …read more Source:: CNet

Google Chrome 85 to block ads that hog power, CPUs, network: Web ads giant will black-hole 0.3% of web ads

So brave… but not so Brave Google Chrome is making good on its promise to block so-called “heavy ads” – web adverts that hog the network, drain batteries, or slow down your device by chewing up too much processor time.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

NuScale’s Small Nuclear Reactor Gets US Safety Approval

tomhath shares a report from Ars Technica: On Friday, the first small modular reactor received a design certification from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, meaning that it meets safety requirements and could be chosen by future projects seeking licensing and approval. The design comes from NuScale, a company birthed from research at Oregon State University…

Amazon Music, Twitch partnership lets fans engage with artists via livestreams – CNET

The feature launched on iOS and Android across all streaming tiers. …read more Source:: CNet

Anti-Phishing Startup Pixm Aims to Hook Browser-Based Threats

Pixm visually analyzes phishing websites from a human perspective to detect malicious pages people might otherwise miss. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Coronavirus: Apple iPhones Can Contact-Trace Without COVID-19 App

An anonymous reader quotes a report from the BBC: Apple has begun letting its iPhones carry out contact-tracing without the need for users to download an official Covid-19 app. As an alternative, owners are being invited to opt in to a scheme called Exposure Notifications Express (ENE). This keeps a 14-day log of other phones…

‘A guy in a jetpack’ seen flying at 3,000ft within few hundred yards of passenger jet landing at LA airport

Some kind of protest against drones taking away people’s jobs of pestering aircraft mid-flight? The pilots of a passenger jet landing at LA International reckon they were approached by a mysterious flyer equipped with what was described as a “jetpack,” passing within a few hundred yards of their aircraft.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Magento Sites Vulnerable to RCE Stemming From Magmi Plugin Flaws

Two flaws – one of them yet to be fixed – are afflicting a third-party plugin used by Magento e-commerce websites. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Netflix is Making a Series Based on ‘The Three-Body Problem’

Netflix today announced its plans to turn Cixin Liu’s “Three-Body Problem” trilogy into an original, English-language science fiction series. From a report: The show will be executive produced and written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (the “Game of Thrones” showrunners signed a multi-year deal with Netflix last year that is reportedly worth more than…

This 3D Printed “Bladeless” Fan Gets it Done Cheap

Not long after Dyson unveiled their “bladeless” fan, a fairly steady stream of ever cheaper clones have been hitting the market. But this 3D printed version created by [Elite Worm] must surely be one of the most budget-friendly takes on the concept. If you’ve got a 3D printer, we’d wager you’ve already got most of…