Day: September 14, 2020

Howdy, er, neighbor – mind if we join you? Potential sign of life spotted in Venus’s atmosphere

Aliens may not be so different from us here on Earth – unintelligent and gassy Video Alien life may exist in the thick clouds in Venus’ atmosphere, scientists speculated in research published in Nature Astronomy on Monday.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Long Before Cambridge Analytica, Simulmatics Linked Data and Politics

NPR reporter Shannon Bond reports of a little-known — and now nearly entirely forgotten — company called Simulmatics, which had technology that used vast amounts of data to profile voters and ultimately help John F. Kennedy win the 1960 election. From the report: The […] company was called Simulmatics, the subject of Harvard historian and…

Feds Warn Nation-State Hackers are Actively Exploiting Unpatched Microsoft Exchange, F5, VPN Bugs

Monday’s CISA advisory is a staunch reminder for federal government and private sector entities to apply patches for flaws in F5 BIG-IP devices, Citrix VPNs, Pulse Secure VPNs and Microsoft Exchange servers. …read more Source:: Threatpost

E-Commerce Sites Hit With New Attack on Magento

The campaign targeted sites running Magento Version 1, a version of the e-commerce software that is past end-of-life. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Court hearing on election security during 9/11 is zoombombed with porn, swastikas, images of World Trade Center attack

Atlanta federal court changing license, clerk tells us A court hearing on election security in America failed in its own security efforts – when it was zoombombed with porn, swastikas and images of the World Trade Center attacks.… …read more Source:: Register

Fortnite is down as it investigates issues related to logins – CNET

Players who see messages about not having permission or access to play because of the issue haven’t been banned, the company says. …read more Source:: CNet

Save $125 on Tempo, an AI-powered home fitness weightlifting coach – CNET

It’s a giant digital display that looks like a full-length mirror and tracks your form while you work out. …read more Source:: CNet

Nikola Admits Prototype Was Rolling Downhill In Promo Video

In late 2016, Nikola Motor Company founder Trevor Milton unveiled a prototype of the Nikola One truck, claiming it “fully functions and works, which is really incredible.” A couple years later, in January 2018, the company showed the Nikola One truck moving rapidly along a two-lane desert highway. But last week, the short-selling investment firm…

Take your pick: ‘Hack-proof’ blockchain-powered padlock defeated by Bluetooth replay attack or 1kg lump hammer

You can do it the easy way or the easier way A “hack-proof” smart padlock with security based on blockchain technology could be defeated by a simple Bluetooth replay attack – or a 1kg lump hammer.… …read more Source:: Register

ARM Co-Founder Starts ‘Save Arm’ Campaign To Keep Independence Amid $40 Billion Nvidia Deal

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: Arm Holdings, the U.K. semiconductor company, made history for the second time today, becoming the country’s biggest tech exit when Nvidia announced over the weekend that it would buy it from SoftBank for $40 billion in an all-stock deal. (Arm’s first appearance in the record books? When…