Day: October 1, 2020

First black hole image puts Einstein’s famous theory to the test – CNET

Another extreme test of general relativity, another win for Einstein. …read more Source:: CNet

YouTubers Are Upscaling the Past To 4K. Historians Want Them To Stop

YouTubers are using AI to bring history to life. But historians argue the process is nonsense. From a report: The first time you see Denis Shiryaev’s videos, they feel pretty miraculous. You can walk through New York as it was in 1911, or ride on Wuppertal’s flying train at the turn of the 20th century,…

Singapore Asks Big Cybersecurity Questions to Improve National Defense

An executive from Singapore’s Cyber Security Agency examines the role of security in a nation increasingly dependent on technology. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Go outside and marvel at October’s first full moon, a harvest moon – CNET

The spooky month’s first full moon will dominate the night sky for three days, with a rare blue moon set to light up the Halloween skies. …read more Source:: CNet

Car specs explained: Common automotive terms and what they mean – Roadshow

Researching the best car to buy can get confusing when you don’t know all of the terminology. Here are the most common car terms, like torque and horsepower, to help you make the best purchasing decision. …read more Source:: CNet

Cloud biz Blackbaud admits ransomware crims may have captured folks’ bank info, months after saying that everything’s fine

The same lot who bought off crooks in May but kept quiet ’till July +Comment Blackbaud, the cloud CRM provider whose execs bought off ransomware crooks in exchange for a pinky promise that stolen data would not be misused, has now confessed that customers’ bank account information may have been taken from its servers by…

New HP Bug Bounty Program Targets Vulns in Printer Cartridges

White-hat hackers will receive $10,000 for each security bug they discover plus a base fee, under this invitation-only initiative. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Study Sounds Alarm on 5G Fake News, EU Needs To Promote Benefits

European Union leaders need to tackle urgently disinformation on 5G technology, which is central to the bloc’s economic recovery from COVID-19 and its plans to catch up with the United States and China, a study by telecoms lobby group ETNO showed. From a report: Conspiracy theories that tie the wireless technology to the spread of…

Dress your dog in a Halloween bandana that matches your face mask for $10 – CNET

Turn yourself into a mouse and dress your dog as cheese. Or choose from the candy or skeleton-themed matching outfits. …read more Source:: CNet

QR Codes: A Sneaky Security Threat

What to watch out for, and how to protect yourself from malicious versions of these mobile shortcuts. …read more Source:: Threatpost