Day: October 10, 2020

Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals now available in UK: Cheapest ever Echo Show 5 at £45, Blink security camera for £25 and more – CNET

Amazon’s Prime Day deals kick off in the UK on Tuesday, Oct. 13, but you can snag some bargains right now. …read more Source:: CNet

Prime Day 2020 deals available right now: $25 Blink Mini, $20 Echo Auto, $300 Toshiba 55-inch TV – CNET

Don’t miss the Echo Show 5 and Blink Mini bundle for $50. And learn how you can score “free” cash to spend on Prime Day. …read more Source:: CNet

After Six Years of Development, Amazon Kills Its Game ‘Crucible’ Within Five Months

“It’s the end of a rocky journey…” writes the Verge. After six years of developing the free first-person shooter game Crucible, Amazon launched the game in May, yanked it into closed beta in July, and then 14 weeks later cancelled the game altogether. Ars Technica reports: This followed the game’s formal delisting from Steam in…

Amazon Canada Prime Day 2020 sales: Echo Show 5 hits CA$60, more deals coming Tuesday – CNET

Amazon’s Prime Day deals kick off in Canada on Tuesday, Oct. 13, but here are some early bargains you can snap up right now. …read more Source:: CNet

Redditor Alleges His New Tesla’s Roof ‘Fell Off On The Highway’

The source for this story is a post on Reddit, which Jalopnik argues “was corroborated with this remarkable video of Tesla’s new Instant, Unplanned Convertible feature.” I know we’ve covered Tesla’s chronic quality control issues here before, and I realize that among hardcore Tesla-stans this may feel like we’re picking on Tesla unfairly but in…

Procedural Barcode Synth is as Simple as Black and White

We are no stranger to peculiar and wonderful musical instruments here at Hackaday. [James Bruton] has long been fascinated with barcode scanners as an input source for music and now has a procedural barcode-powered synth to add to his growing collection of handmade instruments. We’ve previously covered his barcode guitar, which converts a string of…

New Python 3.9 ‘Brings Significant Changes’ To Language Features

This week’s release of Python 3.9 “brings forward significant changes to both the features of the language and to how the language is developed,” writes InfoWorld — starting with a new yearly release schedule and performance-boosting parser improvements: – Python makes it easy to manipulate common data types, and Python 3.9 extends this ease with…

Google Cloud kicks out Proud Boys websites

Official website and online store for the Proud Boys far-right group have been kicked off Google Cloud on Thursday. …read more Source:: ZDNet

iPhone 12’s wireless charging rumors: The latest leak thickens the plot – CNET

Will the iPhone 12 have wireless charging, like the iPhone 11? What about reverse charging? Here’s what we’ve heard so far. …read more Source:: CNet

Study of 11,000 Kids Links Cannabis Use During Pregnancy To Child Behavioral Change

Slashdot reader omfglearntoplay shared this article from Science Alert: A cross-sectional analysis of 11,489 children, 655 of whom were exposed to THC in the womb, has found cannabis use during pregnancy is tied to a small elevation in psychotic-like behaviours later in life. These include aggression towards others, as well as attention and social problems……