Day: November 13, 2020

Apple braces for antitrust woes by letting users install third party apps in upcoming iOS 14.3 beta

Controlling? Us? Never! iOS 14.3 will prompt some users to install selected third-party applications during setup, in what is likely an attempt to stifle any allegations of anticompetitive behaviour from regulators.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Apple Issues Security Updates

Vulnerabilities found in three most recent versions of macOS. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Breathing device sobers you up by hyperventilating the alcohol out – CNET

“It’s almost inexplicable why we didn’t try this decades ago,” says one of the doctors behind ClearMate. …read more Source:: CNet

HBO Max: Everything to know about HBO’s streaming app – CNET

HBO Max streams everything from its regular channel, plus extra shows, movies and exclusives. But you still can’t watch on Roku or Amazon Fire TV. …read more Source:: CNet

AirPods Pro vs. Galaxy Buds Live: Sound quality, noise cancellation compared – CNET

Can Samsung’s Galaxy “Beans” beat Apple’s standard bearer, the AirPods Pro? …read more Source:: CNet

Ubisoft Montreal Staffers Barricade on Roof Amid Possible Hostage Situation

A potential hostage situation is reportedly taking place at the building in which game developer Ubisoft’s Montreal office is housed. From a report: A group of suspects are reportedly holding tens of people hostage at Ubisoft Montreal, according to local (French-language) media outlet LCN. The situation reportedly began around 1:30pm Eastern Time. Montreal police confirmed…

iPhone 12 Pro Max review: A big phone with big battery energy – CNET

With a big battery, outstanding cameras and the largest screen ever on an iPhone, the 12 Pro Max deserves a spot in your pocket — if you can get it to fit. …read more Source:: CNet

Microsoft goes public with more Surface driver, firmware end-of-support dates

Wondering how long Microsoft will continue to provide driver and firmware updates for particular Surface PCs and tablets? That information is now available. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Canonical brings Juju charms to Kubernetes Operators

Canonical has ported its Juju DevOps approach to making Kubernetes Operators easier and more manageable. …read more Source:: ZDNet

YouTube Cancels Rewind Video Amid Pandemic

YouTube says it will not produce its annual end-of-year “Rewind” video this year, due to the global pandemic. The BBC reports: The video-sharing platform has produced an annual retrospective since 2010, featuring well-known YouTube stars referencing big viral moments. But, in a statement it said: “2020 has been different. And it doesn’t feel right to…