Day: November 16, 2020

52 best TV shows to binge-watch on Netflix – CNET

Searching for a great show to binge? Here are some of the best Netflix has to offer. …read more Source:: CNet

Attackers Target Porn Site Goers in ‘Malsmoke’ Zloader Attack

A fake Java update found on various porn sites actually downloads the well-known Zloader malware. …read more Source:: Threatpost

A small asteroid came closer to Earth than even SpaceX Starlink satellites – CNET

It’s the closest astronomers have ever seen a space rock soar by without smacking into our planet. …read more Source:: CNet

Zoom adds tools to let you block, report people disrupting your meetings – CNET

The virtual communications platform looks to tackle Zoombombing. …read more Source:: CNet

Twitter Taps Mudge

Noted security researcher Peiter Zatko joins the social network as head of security. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Hulu Hikes Prices of Live TV Packages by $10 per Month

Hulu’s live TV bundle is getting more expensive. From a report: The new prices are $10 per month higher than Hulu’s current fees and will go into effect Dec. 18, 2020. The higher rates apply to both current and new subscribers. Hulu began notifying subscribers of the price hikes Monday. Under the new pricing, the…

Android and iPhones are all about privacy now, but startup OSOM thinks it can do better – CNET

The team behind Andy Rubin’s Essential is back, but without Rubin. Now called OSOM, it plans to introduce new privacy-focused hardware and software in late 2021. …read more Source:: CNet

Apple says it’ll change how it collects data on the macOS apps you launch – CNET

Critics said a Mac feature that runs in the background created a log of activity tied to your IP address. …read more Source:: CNet

Anthony Fauci assures Bill Gates the coronavirus crisis ‘is going to end’ – CNET

He spoke to the Microsoft co-founder and Rashida Jones on their new podcast, where Gates also compared those who refuse to wear masks to nudists. …read more Source:: CNet

Twitter Names Famed Hacker ‘Mudge’ as Head of Security

Social media giant Twitter, under increased threat of regulation and plagued by serious security breaches, is appointing one of the world’s best-regarded hackers to tackle everything from engineering missteps to misinformation. From a report: The company on Monday named Peiter Zatko, widely known by his hacker handle Mudge, to the new position of head of…