Day: January 22, 2021

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome Roll Out Password Protection Tools

The new tools on Chrome and Edge will make it easier for browser users to discover – and change – compromised passwords. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Amazon Kindle RCE Attack Starts with an Email

The “KindleDrip” attack would have allowed attackers to siphon money from unsuspecting victims. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Speed of Digital Transformation May Lead to Greater App Vulnerabilities

The fastest-moving industries are struggling to produce secure code, according to AppSec experts. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Hubble Space Telescope snaps stunning view of ethereal ‘Lost Galaxy’ – CNET

The galaxy’s not really lost, but there’s a sweet reason for the nickname. …read more Source:: CNet

Five years after US promised crackdown on ticket-snaffling bots, the first prosecutions are in… and are a slap on the wrist

Miscreants hit with $31m fines tho only pay what they can afford: $3.7m Three ticket resellers have agreed to settle US government charges that they unlawfully used software bots to obtain music, theater, and sporting event tickets for markup and resale.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

ESP32 Inkplate Gives Kindle Displays a Second Chance

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of hackers repurpose their Kindle or similar e-reader to reap the benefits of its electronic paper display. Usually this takes the form of some software running on the reader itself, since cracking the firmware is a lot easier than pulling out the panel and figuring out how to operate…

As Bitcoin Price Surges, DDoS Extortion Gangs Return in Force

Extortion groups that send emails threatening companies with DDoS attacks unless paid a certain fee are making a comeback, security firm Radware warned today. From a report: In a security alert sent to its customers and shared with ZDNet this week, Radware said that during the last week of 2020 and the first week of…

Deal alert: Paychex’s payroll processor for SMBs is free for three months

The deal ends in March. …read more Source:: ZDNet

EU parliament reportedly invites CEOs of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet to a hearing – CNET

The European Parliament is discussing more digital regulation. …read more Source:: CNet

EU Lawmakers Want Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google CEOs at Feb. 1 Hearing

EU lawmakers have invited the chief executives of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Alphabet to a Feb. 1 hearing in Brussels as they try to crack down on the powers of U.S. tech giants. From a report: The European Parliament will in the coming months provide input into proposals by the European Commission to force the…