Day: February 7, 2021

France Found Guilty of Failing To Meet Its Paris Climate Accord Commitments

“Four environmental groups are crying victory after France was found guilty of failing to meet climate change goals it committed to in a historic accord signed in and named after its own capital city,” reports CBS News: The Administrative Tribunal in Paris ruled Wednesday that France had fallen short of its promise to reduce greenhouse…

Dogecoin: The meme that somehow became a real cryptocurrency – CNET

It was supposed to be a joke, but within months it was one of the world’s most highly valued cryptocurrencies. …read more Source:: CNet

Forget Bitcoin: The insane world of altcoin cryptocurrency trading – CNET

Some altcoins don’t do anything, and some are scams. But people are getting rich and losing fortunes. …read more Source:: CNet

Holding A Mirror Up In Front Of GNU/Linux

We’re guessing that we have something in common with a substantial number of our readers in that this post is being written on an open-source operating system. A well-known GNU/Linux distribution provides everything you might expect from a PC, but of course it’s not the only open-source game in town. A year-old piece from [Unixsheikh]…

Swiss Company Claims Weakness Found in Post-Quantum Encryption, Touts Its New Encryption Protocol

“A Swiss technology company says it has made a breakthrough by using quantum computers to uncover vulnerabilities in commonly used encryption,” reports Bloomberg: Terra Quantum AG said its discovery “upends the current understanding of what constitutes unbreakable” encryption… Terra Quantum AG has a team of about 80 quantum physicists, cryptographers and mathematicians, who are based…

Evading Censors, Chinese Users Flock To U.S. Chat App Clubhouse

“The U.S. app Clubhouse erupted among Chinese social-media users over the weekend,” reports Bloomberg, “with thousands joining discussions on contentious subjects…undisturbed by Beijing’s censors.” On the invite-only, audio-based social app where users host informal conversations, Chinese-speaking communities from around the world gathered to discuss China-Taiwan relations and the prospects of unification, and to share their…

Super Bowl 2021 commercial roundup: All of the car ads from the Big Game – Roadshow

Super Bowl LV is almost upon us, but many car commercials have already hit screens, including some great ones from Jeep and Cadillac. …read more Source:: CNet

As ‘Goldeneye 007’ Remaster Finally Leaks Online, Its Original Designer Reacts

Long ago there were plans for a remastered Xbox 360 version of the Nintendo 64 game “Goldeneye 007” — but they never materialized, and that game became a lost legend. But then Monday Ars Technica interviewed longtime Spanish game streamer Graslu00, who had somehow uploaded a two-hour video demo-ing the lost game. The files came…

Jeep taps Springsteen for memorable Super Bowl ad, ‘The Middle’ – Roadshow

The Boss has never made an appearance in an ad before. …read more Source:: CNet

Super Bowl 2021 ads: Preview some of the best, funniest commercials so far – CNET

Maya Rudolph, Don Cheadle, Joe Montana, Tony Romo and other celebs star. Plus, Inspiration4 invites viewers to sign up for a chance to launch into space. …read more Source:: CNet