Day: February 25, 2021

North Korea’s Lazarus Group Expands to Stealing Defense Secrets

Several gigabytes of sensitive data stolen from one restricted network, with organizations in more than 12 countries impacted, Kaspersky says. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Electric Airboat For Getting You Across Thin Ice

Even with all the technological progress civilization has made, weather and seasons still have a major impact on our lives. [John de Hosson] owns a cabin on an island in a Swedish lake, and reaching it involves crossing 500 m of water. In summer this is done with a conventional boat, and in winter they…

Red Hat opens the door for both VMs and containers in its latest OpenShift release

Red Hat’s OpenShift 4.7 can help you manage your entire cloud application stack. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Amazon Gives $15 Million To ‘Reimagine’ Advanced Placement CSA

theodp writes: Amazon on Wednesday announced it has lined up the support of Governors and State School Superintendents from five ‘key states’ for a pilot that aims to reimagine the Java-based Advanced Placement Computer Science A (AP CS A) course taken by high school students for college credit. By doing so, Amazon indicated it hopes…

Ransomware, Phishing Will Remain Primary Risks in 2021

Attackers have doubled down on ransomware and phishing — with some tweaks — while deepfakes and disinformation will become more major threats in the future, according to a trio of threat reports. …read more Source:: DarkReading

HP Inc. stock rising: fiscal Q1 results, forecast beat expectations on huge consumer PC increase

HP said its PC group saw revenue jump 7%, with a 34% rise in commercial sales. Consumer sales also dominated printing, and supplies revenue jumped 3%. …read more Source:: ZDNet

News flash: Xbox Series X available right now at Walmart, stock very limited (of course) – CNET

Try your luck. Walmart will start selling the console at noon PT (3 p.m. ET) today, but if history is a guide, inventory won’t last long. …read more Source:: CNet

PlayStation is Winding Down Sony Japan Studio

Sony is winding down original game development at its oldest first-party developer, Japan Studio, game news outlet VGC reported, citing sources. From the report: The iconic developer behind Ape Escape, Gravity Rush and Knack has seen the vast majority of its development staff let go, the sources said, after their annual contracts were not renewed…

Thousands of VMware Servers Exposed to Critical RCE Bug

Security experts report scanning activity targeting vulnerable vCenter servers after a researcher published proof-of-concept code. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Demonstrating The Mars Rover Pendulum Problem With A Drone On Earth

The sky crane system used on the Perseverance and Curiosity Mars rovers is a challenging control system problem that peaked [Nicholas Rehm]’s curiosity. Constrained to Earth, he decided to investigate the problem using a drone and a rock. The setup and the tests are simple, but clearly illustrate the problem faced by NASA engineers. [Nicholas]…