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Microsoft SolarWinds analysis: Attackers hid inside Windows systems by wearing the skins of legit processes

Thorough counter-detection methods laid bare by Redmond The SolarWinds hackers triggered one of their Cobalt Strike implants in the firm’s network through a cunning VBScript that was activated by a routine system process, Microsoft has said.… …read more Source:: Register

Goodbye and Good Riddance To the 16:9 Aspect Ratio

One of the biggest trends coming out of this year’s CES wasn’t something people will necessarily notice at first glance unless they look closely. From a report: After enduring years of cramped, “widescreen” laptop displays, it looks like we’re finally starting to say goodbye to the 16:9 aspect ratio. […] The aspect ratios you’ll typically…

Ares built the convertible, 2-door Tesla Model S convertible we didn’t know we needed – Roadshow

The one-off customer commission was built by Ares, a coachbuilder headed by ex-Lotus boss Dany Bahar. …read more Source:: CNet

Galaxy S21 5G review: Your next upgrade – CNET

Samsung’s pulled the Galaxy S21 away from the Ultra and closer to the Galaxy 20 FE. Definitely a wise move. …read more Source:: CNet

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G review: Cool, elegant and badass – CNET

The second time’s the charm for Samsung’s premier phone. …read more Source:: CNet

Ubuntu Now Runs On Apple Silicon, Devs Say It’s ‘Completely Usable’

niftydude writes: Developers at ARM virtualisation company Corellium have managed to get Ubuntu 20.04 up and running on the new Apple Silicon Mac Mini. And we’re not talking ‘it boots and prints a load of text’ running here. No, this is the full Ubuntu desktop experience — and it’s already being described as “completely usable!”…

How to learn Fusion 360: From makers, for makers

Whether you like a gentle, clear, and organized introduction to a new technology or a fire-hose brain-dump of useful nuggets, we have some video training options for you. Fusion 360 can be hard to learn. The courses we’re pointing you to make the barrier of entry much easier to leap over. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Got three weeks to spare? You could deploy the supercomputer you’ve always dreamed of

Tune in this month and learn about the promise of SuperPOD with DDN Webcast We all have problems, so wouldn’t it be great if we could all apply a supercomputer to cracking them?… …read more Source:: TheRegister

We turn away for a second and Corellium is already showing off Ubuntu on Apple Silicon

Groovy Gorilla ‘completely usable’ but some of the hardware remains off-limits Things can move fast in the IT world, and Linux on Apple silicon has gone from “ooh look, text on a screen” to something considerably more usable in a matter of days.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

WandaVision actor confirms show’s placement in Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline – CNET

It’s exactly where we thought it was, Teyonah Parris told TVLine. …read more Source:: CNet