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Rolls-Royce’s Black Badge cars get lit with Neon Nights series – Roadshow

This is actually extremely cool. …read more Source:: CNet

SMD Challenge Extreme Edition Gets Our Flux Flowing

Skills challenges have become a fun way to facilitate friendly competition amongst anyone who appreciates a fine solder joint. If you’ve seen any Supercon / Remoticon coverage there’s surely been a mention of the infamous soldering skills challenge, where competitors test their mettle against surface mount components sized to be challenging but fair. What if…

Study Finds Users, Not Notifications, Initiate 89% of Smartphone Interactions

According to a new study published in the journal Computers In Human Behavior, smartphone users initiate 89% of the interactions, with only 11% initiated by a notification. “This is at odds with previous academic literature and news reports which commonly claim that smartphone notifications are ruining your life, ruining productivity, and so on,” reports PsychNewsDaily….

NASA building network cables so fast they can survive supersonic flight – could this finally deliver unbreakable RJ45 latching tabs?

Needed for probe testing how X-59 can break sound barrier without breaking eardrums NASA has revealed it’s building network cables capable of surviving supersonic flight.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

True Networked KVM Without Breaking the Bank

For administering many computers at once, an IP KVM is an invaluable piece of equipment that makes it possible to get the job done over the network without having to haul a keyboard, monitor, and mouse around to each computer. The only downside is that they can get pricey, unless of course you can roll…

VMware says faster growth will come once customers get back inside data centres

SaaS revenue tops licences for the first time in solid Q3 VMware has reported Q3 growth that beat guidance offered earlier in its financial year but said results would have been better but for a slowdown in “transformational projects”.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Amazon Prime Video: All the movies and TV shows coming in December 2020 – CNET

The latest season of The Expanse is here! …read more Source:: CNet

Disney Plus: All the movies and TV shows coming in December 2020 – CNET

Disney Plus get Soul and so much more in December. …read more Source:: CNet

The PS5 is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my life – CNET

Commentary: The more you think about the PS5’s design, the less sense it makes. …read more Source:: CNet

Why email needs a zero-trust security model

Content-centric solutions that evaluate each message based on how likely it is to be bad create a gap through which identity-based email attacks can slip. A zero-trust email security model is vital to closing that gap. Zero-trust may also be characterized as zero-assumption. …read more Source:: SecurityMagazine