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How to stop ransomware – Seven steps to protect your enterprise

There are seven steps that will help your company fight off ransomware attacks. …read more Source:: SecurityMagazine

Columbia Decides 3D Printed Food Tastes Like Chicken

Researchers at Columbia have used multi-wavelength lasers to cook 3D-printed chicken. Apparently, it tastes like chicken. We were not overly surprised that 3D printed chicken protein cooked up to taste like chicken, but, then again, you have to do the science. While additive manufacturing is the latest buzzword for all kinds of manufacturing, there’s also…

Rethinking the current cybersecurity landscape

Pressing the reset button on security is only possible by disregarding the old-school ring-fencing and the rigid firewalls of the moat-castle mindset and embracing the zero trust mentality. …read more Source:: SecurityMagazine

Quad countries announce slew of tech initiatives including shared cyber standards

In announcing various tech initiatives, the Quad hinted at siding with Taiwan in the midst of growing political pressure from China. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Qantas lays out plans to ramp up domestic flights and redirect Perth to London flights

Qantas said it is looking to operate direct London flights from Darwin while Western Australian borders remain close. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Tony Awards: All the winners from theater’s biggest night of the year – CNET

After a long and difficult wait, the Tony Awards are back. …read more Source:: CNet

This won’t hurt a bit, says Veeam, as it flags end of socket-based licensing

Change to universal licenses coming sometime in 2022, says backup vendor, but won’t be forced Backup vendor Veeam is almost certainly going to ditch per-socket licensing.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Coronavirus pandemic continues to stunt womens’ careers, study finds – CNET

The annual Women in the Workplace report demonstrates what a blow the pandemic has been to working women. …read more Source:: CNet

How can enterprises support remote working without opening the door to occupational fraud?

Industry experts can help you to understand not only the occupational fraud risks that come hand-in-hand with a “work from anywhere” model, but also how to address them with the latest biometrics. …read more Source:: SecurityMagazine

When the FBI Seizes Your Messages from Big Tech, You May Not Know for Years

When America’s law enforcement investigators serve tech companies with subpoenas or search warrants,”the target of the investigation has no idea their data is being seized,” the Washington Post pointed out this weekend. It’s becoming surprisingly common in the U.S. “And if investigators obtain a gag order, the records must be handed over without the person’s…