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Optimize Siebel Repository Import in Oracle Database

It was noticed during siebel repository import in an Oracle Database, most of database wait time was log file switch.

srvrupgwiz /m master_imprep.ucf


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High Definition Movies using Media Player classic and ffdshow

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This document describes how you can play your divx/xvid files with a high definition resizer with ffdshow codecs / filters. The example is with mplayer (media player classic) but you can easily configure this codec / filters with your favourite movies player (ex. Zoom player). The result is similar with h264/x264 720p-1080p content or even better if you have a powerful processor…

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How To Set Up A Load Balanced MySQL 5 Cluster With Two Server Machines.


Setting up a load balanced mysql cluster with only two servers. 

ImageThis document is a how to for installing mysql 5 cluster with only two server machines. Our cluster combines two data nodes:two management nodes and two mysql nodes.
Every machine has 1 data node,1 management node, and 1 mysql server.

To avoid network problems between our internet connection, switches,etc, we networked the two machines with dual switch connection and one crossover cable between them.
The mysql cluster will communicate using the crossover cable, just to be sure that there will be no network problems (except from the crossover cable link).

To communicate with the mysql we will use a shared ip, which will be available with linux ha , so the mysql clients will connect to that ip. and have 99.999999% uptime.

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Solaris 10 virtualization – zones howto

Solaris Zones Solaris 10 zones Howto


Solaris Containers—Sun’s operating system virtualization technique—consists of several technologies that work together to foster improved resource management and isolate the environment from the underlying OS. With Solaris Containers, organizations can determine how to allocate resources among applications and services, and ensure they do not interfere with one another.

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Redhat Cluster Suite

Active ImageClustered systems provide reliability, scalability, and availability to critical production services. Redhat cluster suite can be used in many configurations in order to provide high availability, scalability, load balancing, file sharing, high performance.

A cluster is two or more computers (called nodes or members) that work together to perform a task. There are four major types of clusters:

  • Storage
  • High availability
  • Load balancing
  • High performance 

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Server high availability, using network redundant connection

 You need to have two or more NICs on your server and multiple distribution switches on network in order to have a redundant network connection for your server. Depending on the operating system your server is running, different configurations (and names) are used. There are usualy two possible schemes to do this, one using load balancing method, and the other using fail-over option.

In the following lines you can find both redhat and solaris configuration examples to implement this.

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Performance Tuning Java Garbage Collector

Sample ImageThis document is a summary or outline of Sun's document: Tuning Garbage collection with the 1.4.2 Hotspot JVM located here:


1.0 Introduction

  • For many applications garbage collection performance is not significant
  • Default collector should be first choice

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Tweak Plesk, Boost Apache, Optimize MySQL

Imageok, you've just got your new dedicated server running plesk, and you're ready to start making changes to boost your server's performance a little bit. Here is a quick (but not dirty) quide to do this:

  • enable output compression
  • increase number of apache processes
  • find out possible slow sql queries

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System Statistics

Here are some system statistics that you might find useful!

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Data Generator

Data Generator – Generates Data for Testing Purposes at AdGlobe Tech Blog

The link above is a script I found today that seems really useful if you build database applications.

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