This week HackerRank reported Java is now only the second most popular programming language, finally dropping behind JavaScript in the year 2018.
Now long-time Slashdot reader shanen asks about the rumors that Java is dead — or is it?
Can you convince me that Java isn’t as dead as it seems? It’s just playing dead and will spring to life?

This week one Java news site argued that Java-based Minecraft has in fact “spawned a new generation of Java developers,” citing an interview with Red Hat’s JBoss Middleware CTO. (And he adds that “It’s still the dominant programming language in the enterprise, so whether you’re building enterprise clients, services or something in between, Java likely features in there somewhere.”) Yet the original submission drew some interesting comments:

“The licensing scheme for Java kills it…” “Java programs still are ‘the alien on your desktop’. They suck in many ways. Users have learned to avoid them and install ‘real programs’ instead…”
But what do Slashdot’s readers think? Leave your own answers in the comments.

How dead is Java?

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