A 13-year-old boy visiting family in Indiana has been charged with “intimidation”, according to the Northwest Indiana Times:
The boy allegedly said to Siri, iPhone’s voice assistant, “I am going to shoot up a school,” according to a news release from the Valparaiso Police Department. Siri then replied with a list of multiple Valparaiso schools near his location. The boy, identified as a Chesterton Middle School student, posted a screenshot of the inquiry and response on social media, which was reported to Chesterton police by the boy’s social media contacts.
Chesterton police then contacted the Valparaiso Police Department, which launched an investigation into the possible threat. Valparaiso officers determined the boy made no direct threat to a specific person, school or school system and that he had no access to weapons — ultimately stating the picture was posted on social media as a joke. “The threat is not believed to be credible at this time; however, these types of communications are taken very seriously by the Valparaiso Police Department and our community,” police stated in a news release.
A 14-year-old was also taken into custody, and is also being held in a juvenille detention center, facing charges of intimidation and “criminal recklessness with a handgun” over related photographs with weapons.
“Come on kids. It isn’t funny…” reads one comment on the police department’s Facebook page. “How many of you are going to be detained before you realize it?”
“Thank you for taking it seriously, and prosecuting it accordingly,” added another commenter. “‘I was joking’ is not a defense. Hopefully juvie knocks some sense into this kid.”
“I hope he’s prosecuted for this! Totally not funny and as a parent I’m taking any threats against schools serious!” reads another comment — though at least one person directed their scorn somewhere else.
“Sounds like Siri needs to be re-programmed.”

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