Day: April 7, 2019

Army’s version of Microsoft’s HoloLens AR goggles likened to Call of Duty – CNET

Specially modified version of the AR goggles has a video game feel, writes a CNBC reporter who got a demo. …read more Source:: CNet

Microsoft Drops ‘Safe Removal’ of USB Drives As Default In Windows 10 1809

Mark Wilson writes: Since the arrival of USB drives, we have been warned that they need to be ‘safely removed’ using the correct method in Windows, rather than just being yanked out — but now this changes. With Windows 10 1809, Microsoft is changing the default setting that’s applied to USB drives and other removable…

Verizon’s 5G network launch was rocky at best, but it has A Plan – CNET

Verizon is hungry to win you over to its 5G model, whatever it takes. …read more Source:: CNet

All Marvel franchises ranked, from Avengers to Daredevil – CNET

How do the X-Men movies stack up to Iron Man, Spider-Man and *shudder* Ghost Rider? Just so happens we made a list. …read more Source:: CNet

New Apps Fight Robo-Calls By Pretending To Be Humans

“While lawmakers debate what to do about the roboscourge, engineers have cooked up some clever ways to make bots work for us, not against us,” writes the Washington Post, taking a look at apps like the $4-per-month RoboKiller — which offers malicious “answer bots”: They’re voicemail messages that try to keep robots and human telemarketers…

Tracking Binary Changes: Learn the DIFF-erent Ways of the ELF

Source control is often the first step when starting a new project (or it should be, we’d hope!). Breaking changes down into smaller chunks and managing the changes between them makes it easier to share work between developers and to catch and revert mistakes after they happen. As project complexity increases it’s often desirable to…

Google Helps Government Conduct Warrantless Searches, Alleges EPIC

schwit1 quotes Tom’s Hardware: The Electronic Privacy Information Center (“EPIC”), a civil liberties group based in Washington D.C., filed an amicus brief in the United States vs. Wilson case concerning Google scanning billions of users’ files for unlawful content and then sending that information to law enforcement agencies. EPIC alleges that law enforcement is using…

WWE Wrestlemania 35: 2019 Start time, how to watch, date, full match card, location, lineup and more – CNET

WWE Wrestlemania 35 is today, April 7! Here’s every confirmed match and participant. …read more Source:: CNet

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon Are Quietly Buying Undersea Cables

The internet is commonly described as a cloud, writes the consumer policy expert and editor at BroadbandNow, but “In reality, it’s a series of wet, fragile tubes, and Google is about to own an alarming number of them.” An anonymous reader quotes VentureBeat: Google makes billions from its cloud platform. Now it’s using those billions…

Killing Eve season 2: A new killer, new fashion crimes and more cat-and-mouse games – CNET

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh again walk in the not-always-fashionable shoes of professional assassin Villanelle and MI6 rookie Eve Polastri. …read more Source:: CNet