Bitwarden, the popular open-source password management program, has launched Bitwarden, a developer toolkit for integrating FIDO2 WebAuthn-based passkeys into websites and applications. The New Stack reports: Bitwarden uses an easy-to-use application programming interface (API) to provide a simplified approach to implementing passkey-based authentication with your existing code. This enables developers to create seamless authentication experiences swiftly and efficiently. For example, you can use it to integrate with FIDO2 WebAuthn applications such as Face ID, fingerprint, and Windows Hello. Enterprises also face challenges in integrating passkey-based authentication into their existing applications. Another way Bitwarden addresses this issue is by including an admin console. This enables programmers to configure applications, manage user attributes, monitor passkey usage, deploy code, and get started instantly. "Passwordless authentication is rapidly gaining popularity due to its enhanced security and streamlined user login experience," said Michael Crandell, CEO of Bitwarden. "Bitwarden equips developers with the necessary tools and flexibility to implement passkey-based authentication swiftly and effortlessly, thereby improving user experiences while maintaining optimal security levels."

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