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We are the weakest link

Mitigating the risks of human error in digital defenses Webinar  It’s a startling truth but 45 percent of workers in the US believe using public Wi-Fi is safe.……

Wizards Get Creative, Maybe Save the World

While it’s not normal Hackaday fare, we’ve covered the Dungeons & Dragons licensing kerfuffle, partially because we’re all nerds at heart, and also because it’s worrying that an Open Source …read more

Tech CEO nixes AI lawyer stunt after being threatened with jail time

Plus: Google builds text-to-music model but won’t release it, and more
In brief Joshua Browder, CEO of DoNotPay, made headlines for claiming an AI chatbot was due to defend a man in an upcoming court hearing, but has pulled out of the stunt.……

That big Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook outage? Here’s what went wrong

Microsoft has given some detail on the causes of the recent cloud outage that affected customers using its services….

Labyrinth of 371 legacy systems hindered hospital’s IT meltdown recovery

Guy’s and St Thomas’ in London spent two months getting back on its feet after heatwave fried datacenter
Last summer’s datacenter outage at one of the UK’s largest hospitals took two months to completely rectify because of the complexity associated wit……

FOSS could be an unintended victim of EU crusade to make software more secure

Don’t throw the open source baby out with the bathwater
Opinion The European Union has a commendable love for the safety of its citizens. Armed with the keys to a market of 300 million of the world’s richest consumers, the EU has merely to scent danger……

Inside a 1940’s Spy Radio

The RCA CR-88 was a radio receiver made to work in top-secret government eavesdropping stations. As you might expect, these radios are top-of-the-line, performance-wise, at least when they are working …read more

You can now buy the Ring video doorbell for only $35 on Amazon

If you’re willing to make a few compromises, the Ring video doorbell will only set you back $35 in Amazon’s sale….

Can Stack Overflow’s Survey Predict Next Year’s Most Loved Programming Language?

What happens when Stack Overflow’s senior research analyst delves more deeply into results from their annual Developer Survey?

Rust, Elixir, Clojure, Typescript, and Julia are at the top of the list of Most Loved Programming Languages. However, in loo……

Shag pile PC earned techies a carpeting from HR

Thankfully a veep with a sense of humor pulled the rug out
Who, Me? Welcome once again dear readers to Who, Me? in which we recount the heroic (and sometimes less so) antics of Regizens in the workplace.…