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An AR headset for work? Apple just bought Mira, a startup that builds exactly that

News of the acquisition comes a day after Apple unveiled its long-awaited mixed-reality headset at WWDC….

Boston Dynamic’s robot dog learns new tricks to become a better coworker

Spot is getting upgrades as part of its bigger mission. Here’s what it can do now….

The Integral Molten Salt Reactor and the Benefits of Having a Liquid Fission Reactor

Although to most the term ‘fission reactor’ brings to mind something close to the commonly operated light-water reactors (LWRs) which operate using plain water (H2O) as coolant and with sluggish, …read more

The Case for a Federal Cyber-Insurance Backstop

By stepping in to provide aid, the federal government could help protect companies, insurers, and the economy from the impact of a widespread, catastrophic cyberattack. …

OpenAI Still Not Training GPT-5, Says Sam Altman

OpenAI is still not training GPT-5, months after the Microsoft-backed startup pledged to not work on the successor to GPT-4”for some time” after many industry executives and academics expressed concerns about the fast-rate of advancements by Sam ……

Apple’s Vision Pro: A concept prototype with this enormous potential

Who needs a $4,000 head-mounted external display? Not I, not at this price. But Apple’s mixed-reality headset could fit nicely into all sorts of use cases. Let’s preview the possibilities….

Amazon’s OnePlus Sale Knocks Up to $220 Off New and Previous-Gen Phones – CNET

Save $100 on the OnePlus 11 — one of our favorite phones of 2023 — or take advantage of serious savings on previous-gen models….

10 years after Snowden’s first leak, what have we learned?

Spies gonna spy
Feature The world got a first glimpse into the US government’s far-reaching surveillance of American citizens’ communications – namely, their Verizon telephone calls – 10 years ago this week when Edward Snowden’s initial leaks hit the p……

Mortgage Refinance Rates on June 7, 2023: Rates Dip – CNET

Several benchmark refinance rates decreased this past week. The Fed’s interest rate hikes have affected the refinance market….

Mortgage Interest Rates Today for June 7, 2023: Rates Decrease – CNET

This past week, some major mortgage rates moved down, though rates remain high compared to a year ago. The Fed’s interest rate hikes are increasing costs for prospective homebuyers….