US ends case against Huawei CFO who holed up in Canada for three years

Wanzhou Meng hasn’t re-offended, so last possible charges have been dismissed
The USA’s case against Huawei CFO and chair Wanzhuo Meng has ended.……

15 STEM Toys Your Smarty-Pants Kids Will Love – CNET

These hands-on gifts for kids are genuinely fun. Bonus: They also impart skills in science, tech, engineering and math….

Writers of ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Had Imagined an Even Darker Sequel

The writers of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story “had an idea for a sequel that would have been even darker and more morally ambiguous,” writes Screen Rant:

Rogue One told the story of how the Rebel Alliance gained access to the Death Star plans, and furth……

Hackaday Links: December 4, 2022

Hackaday Links Column Banner

Well, this is embarrassing! Imagine sending a multibillion-dollar rover to an ancient lakebed on Mars only to discover after a year of poking around at the rocks that it might …read more

Free Over-the-Air TV Is Getting Even Better – CNET

NextGen TV is a huge upgrade for free over-the-air TV. Here’s why….

Microsoft hikes prices in India by up to eleven percent

PLUS: Eight million more outsourced jobs for India; Australia warns on IoT shoe risks; Equinix enters Malaysia
Asia In Brief Microsoft has quietly announced big price rises for its software and services in India.……

We are still failing to learn the most important lesson in cybersecurity. That needs to change, fast

We know the problems and the answers. So why do so few organisations act?…

Should CS Be Required for a High School Degree?

When it comes to the official requirements for graduating from a U.S. high school, there’s a push for changes.

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp looks at 2014:

Making computer science courses ‘count’ would not require schools to offer computer scien……

The PalmPilot Returns, This Time in Your Browser

The PalmPilot doesn’t seem to get much retrocomputing love, but maybe it should. After all, it might not have been the very first handheld, but it was probably the most …read more

California City Discovers It Doesn’t Actually Know Where 60% of Its Recycling Goes

Palo Alto, California began investigating where its recycling goes over four years ago, reports NBC News. The results?

Palo Alto’s best reckoning, today, is that about 40% of its recyclable material stays in North America, where it’s supposed to be pr……