Day: August 16, 2013

Crowd Asked To Fund A Colossal Statue Of Steve Jobs

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Department Of Energy Hacked, Again

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NSA Broke Privacy Rules Thousands Of Times Per Year, Audit Finds

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China To Investigate IBM, EMC, Oracle Over NSA Spying

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UCAS adopts public cloud to process university admissions

Ten days before the A-level results, UCAS adopted a public cloud infrastructure to scale up its IT and to make admission process efficient……

Online retailing means the industrialisation of analytics

Figleaves founder and eCommera chief scientist Michael Ross argues that online retailing requires a new type of action-oriented business intelligence……

VPNs: The past, present and future

We give you a rundown of all you need to know about virtual private networks and how the cloud is changing their future……

Multimillion-pound broadband project axed in Yorkshire

Despite millions of taxpayer’s pounds sunk into the Digital Region project in South Yorkshire, the councils involved decide to drop it to save £12.5m……

Less than 1% of Universal Credit IT spend goes to SMEs

Despite a 25% target, less than 1% of IT spending for government’s flagship Universal Credit programme has gone to small businesses……

Public sector IT procurement, G-Cloud and the SMEs

Is the government’s intent to widen public sector IT procurement to include SMEs and its G-Cloud diktat improving SME-government engagement?……