Month: May 2022

Avoiding Sanctions with Cryptocurrency? US Govt Files First Criminal Charges

Last week America’s Justice Department “launched its first criminal prosecution involving the alleged use of cryptocurrency to evade U.S. economic sanctions,” reports the Washington Post. They cite a nine-page opinion from a federal judge approving the government’s criminal complaint against an American “accused of transmitting more than $10 million worth of bitcoin to a virtual…

Some Jif peanut butter products recalled over salmonella – CNET

Products including creamy and crunchy peanut butter, natural honey, squeezable pouch peanut butter and others are being recalled in the US and Canada. …read more Source:: CNet

Best Portable Generators for 2022 – CNET

When the power goes out, these generators kick into gear to keep the essentials up and running. …read more Source:: CNet

Mitsubishi Develops Technology for 3D Printing in Outer Space

“Made In Space, Redwire, and Bigelow, move over,” writes long-time Slashdot reader Dr. Crash. “There’s yet another 3D printing in space group — and it’s not a startup.” Mitsubishi Electric just went public with a UV-sensitive resin specially made to print in zero-G and in a hard vacuum — as in outside the airlock. The…

HP-200LX Runs Website Like it’s the 90s

The HP-200LX palmtop was a fascinating machine for its time, and [Terrence Vergauwen] proves that its time is not yet over, given that one is responsible for serving up the website for Palmtop Tube, a website and YouTube channel dedicated to vintage palmtops. All by itself a HP-200LX doesn’t have quite what it takes to…

Why Gov.UK Stopped Using jQuery

The head of the UK government’s digital transformation unit recently announced a change to the nation’s government services site they’ve “removed jQuery as a dependency for all frontend apps, meaning 32 KB of minified and compressed JavaScript was removed” for everything from selecting elements to attaching event listeners…. Nearly 84% of mobile pages used…

Apple Wants to Increase Production Outside of China, Report Says – CNET

The pandemic has led to supply-chain traffic jams. …read more Source:: CNet

Netflix: The 43 Absolute Best Movies to Watch – CNET

Check out a critically-acclaimed Julia Roberts drama. …read more Source:: CNet

Boeing’s Starliner Docks with International Space Station. Hatch Opening Now

Boeing’s Starliner successfully docked to the International Space Station Friday night for the first time. And right now, Boeing is beginning the official hatch-opening ceremon, in which the space station astronauts already on the ISS “open the hatch to the vehicle and retrieve some cargo that’s packed inside,” explains the Verge: NASA tasked Boeing with…

The Best Fitbits to Buy Right Now – CNET

One of these Fitbits is also the winner of an Editors’ Choice Award. …read more Source:: CNet