Month: February 2019

Vulnerability Exposes Location Of Thousands Of Malware C&C Servers

…read more Source:: PacketStorm

San Francisco’s outrageous rent hits a new peak of $3,690, highest in the US – CNET

The median price for a one bedroom apartment hit that new high before expected IPOs of Airbnb, Uber and Lyft this year. …read more Source:: CNet

Anti-Cheat Software Causing Big Problems For Windows 10 Previews

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The Windows 10 Insider Preview Slow Ring — the beta track that’s meant to receive only those builds that are free from any known serious problems — hasn’t received an update for months. While the fast ring is currently testing previews of the April 2019 release,…

Turkish Group Using Phishing Emails to Hijack Popular Instagram Profiles

In some cases, attackers have demanded ransom, nude photos/videos of victims in exchange for stolen account, Trend Micro says. …read more Source:: DarkReading

Toyota, Carmera will create HD maps for self-driving cars using autobrake cameras – Roadshow

The cameras would be part of a push to speed up HD mapping for urban and local roads. …read more Source:: CNet

Teardown Of A Luxury Bluetooth Nightlight

If you had asked us yesterday what peak nightlight technology looked like, we might have said one of those LED panels that you stick in the outlet. At least it beats one of those little wimpy light bulbs behind the seashell, anyway. But after looking at a detailed teardown of the “Glow Light” from Casper,…

YouTube says there’s ‘no evidence’ of videos promoting Momo Challenge – CNET

The alleged challenge pushes self-harm and has prompted warnings from police and schools. …read more Source:: CNet

US music fans throw more money at vinyl, CDs than iTunes downloads now – CNET

Streaming is king though, bringing in 75 percent of the US recording industry’s revenue. …read more Source:: CNet

US Companies Put Record Number of Robots To Work in 2018

U.S. companies installed more robots last year than ever before, as cheaper and more flexible machines put them within reach of businesses of all sizes and in more corners of the economy beyond their traditional foothold in car plants. From a report: Shipments hit 28,478, nearly 16 percent more than in 2017, according to data…

YouTube to disable comments on videos featuring minors after child safety fears – CNET

But the company will leave comments on for a “small number” of creators who are minors. …read more Source:: CNet