Month: August 2013

Apple ups its odds of gaining on Samsung in China

The company could gain ground against its archrival in the largest smartphone market in the world…….

Debian Security Advisory 2747-1

Debian Linux Security Advisory 2747-1 – Two vulnerabilities were discovered in Cacti, a web interface for graphing of monitoring systems…….

AMD Next-Gen Kaveri APU Shipments Slip To 2014

MojoKid writes “The story around AMD’s upcoming Kaveri continues to evolve, but it’s increasingly clear that AMD’s 3rd generation APU won’t be available for retail purchase this year. If you recall, AMD initially promised that Kaveri would be available during 2013 and even published roadmaps earlier in May that show the chip shipping in the…

U.S. Gov’t Still Fighting the Man Behind Buckyballs; Guess Who’s Winning?

usacoder writes with news of Craig Zucker, former CEO of the company behind Buckyballs, the popular neodymium magnet toys that were banned by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in July 2012. Zucker ran a brief campaign to drum up opposition to the government’s ban, but it didn’t turn out to be enough. Unfortunately for…

Microsoft cans three ‘pinnacle’ certifications, sparking user fury

Friday afternoon email ‘retires’ Microsoft Certified Master and Microsoft Certified Architect certs……

Mechwarrior Online Developer Redefines Community Warfare

New submitter MeatoBurrito writes “The latest iteration of Mechwarrior was crowdfunded (without Kickstarter) as a free-to-play first-person mech simulator. However, despite promises to the founders, the game has been shifted to a third-person arcade shooter and now the community is rioting. This followed a series of other unpopular decisions; the developers decided to sell an…

Particle Physicists Facing Insane Competition For Work

Jim_Austin writes “Teams of hundreds of young scientists — including many grad students and postdocs — staffed the Large Hadron Collider and helped make one of the most important scientific discoveries in recent decades. Now they must compete for just a handful of jobs. Quoting: ‘The numbers make the problem clear. In 2007, the year…

Welcome to the United States: Discriminated, detained, searched, interrogated (special report)

America may be the land of the free, but upon arrival millions of visitors cross a legal purgatory at the U.S. border. We explore the worst case scenarios — what happens to thousands of travelers at U.S. airports each year, and what rights (or lack of) they have…….

Leaked documents detail broad reach of US cyberoperations

US spy agencies carried out 231 offensive cyberattacks in 2011, primarily targeted at Iran, Russia, North Korea, and China, The Washington Post reports…….

Code For America: ‘The Peace Corps For Geeks’

rjmarvin writes “Cities are taking coding to the streets through projects like Code for America and CityNext, working with governments on multiple levels to better serve constituents with mobile and cloud technologies. The ‘Peace Corps for geeks’ is using technology to make everyday life in cities run more smoothly, providing a way to ‘connect technologists…