Chinese APT deploys MoonBounce implant in UEFI firmware

The highly targeted attack reveals a new level of sophistication in attacks against UEFI firmware. …read more Source:: ZDNet

‘Can you identify your assailants?’ Yes, they were pixelated! I’d know them anywhere!

‘Inside’ knowledge on the image database conundrum – at 25 frames per second Something for the Weekend, Sir?  Stop that uterus! It stole my wallet!… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Amazon fake crypto token investment scam steals Bitcoin from victims

Criminals are peddling the idea of a new Amazon cryptocurrency token to swindle victims. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Affordable HF Loop Antenna Reviewed

Modern ham radio operators often face restrictions on antennas. This has made small antennas more popular, despite some limitations. [Tech Minds] reviews the GA-450 indoor active HF loop antenna and finds it better than expected. You can see the video review below. You can’t expect a little antenna to perform as well as giant skyhook….

Why should I pay for that security option? Hijacking only happens to planes

But if I give him my bank details, I’ll be rich! On Call  Friday is here. We’d suggest an adult beverage or two to celebrate, but only if you BYOB. While you fill your suitcase, may we present an episode of On Call in which a reader saves his boss from a dunking.… …read more…

UK, Australia, to build ‘network of liberty that will deter cyber attacks before they happen’

Enhanced ‘Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership’ will transport crime to harsh penal regime on the other side of the world The United Kingdom and Australia have signed a Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership that will, among other things, transport criminals to a harsh penal regime on the other side of the world.… …read more Source::…

Russia’s Putin out the idea of a broad cryptocurrency ban

Central bank worries that block-bucks reduce government control and are used by crims Russia has floated the prospect of Putin a ban on cryptocurrencies.… …read more Source:: Register

Phew. Highway patrol’s Batman-themed emergency alert was only test – CNET

“Uh, the Missouri Emergency Alert system wants us to know The Joker’s on the prowl apparently.” …read more Source:: CNet

Non-US travellers need to be fully vaccinated to enter at land ports and ferry terminals

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, the US government has introduced new restrictions to protect public health while facilitating cross-border travel and trade. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Twitter Blue introduces NFT profile pictures for subscribed iOS users

Twitter claims it wants to become the ‘discovery platform’ for all things crypto, including NFTs. …read more Source:: ZDNet