Microsoft’s ‘New Bing’ Refuses To Write Cover Letter For a Job Saying It Would Be ‘Unethical’ and ‘Unfair To Other Applicants’

An anonymous reader shares a report: In the test, I asked the new Bing — now available in a trial format — to write a cover letter for the position of social media content producer at Insider’s bureau in Singapore. It flat out refused to do so. “I’m ……

OnePlus 11 vs OnePlus 10 Pro: What are the main differences?

Should you preorder the new OnePlus 11 or buy last year’s OnePlus 10 Pro? We compared the two and highlighted the main differences below….

Linux 6.1 Officially Promoted To Being An LTS Kernel

Linux 6.1 was widely anticipated to be a Long-Term Support (LTS) kernel with normally the last major release series for the calendar year normally promoted to LTS status. Greg Kroah-Hartman as the Linux stable maintainer went ahead today and formally r……

Linux Fu: The Shell Forth Programmers will Love

One of the most powerful features of Unix and Linux is that using traditional command line tools, everything is a stream of bytes. Granted, modern software has blurred this a …read more

The Android 14 preview launches for developers. Here’s what’s new

The early build of Android 14 includes improvements to the large screen experience, battery life, and more….

Toyota Global Supply Chain Portal Flaw Put Hacker in the Driver’s Seat

The automaker closed a hole that allowed a security researcher to gain system administrator access to more than 14,000 corporate and partner accounts and troves of sensitive data….

It Isn’t Time to Worry About Quantum Computing Just Yet

Don’t let something that’s a decade away distract you from today’s cyber threats….

First rule of critical minerals club: US, EU looking to make a deal

Euro players are not happy about US green tech subsidies… and everybody’s worried about China
The US and Europe could be moving towards another area of cooperation, this time over critical minerals needed for electric vehicles and other technologies,……

Google Shows Off New AI Search Features, But a ChatGPT Rival is Still Weeks Away

Google demoed its latest advances in AI search at a live event in Paris on Wednesday — but the features pale in comparison to Microsoft’s announcement yesterday of the “new Bing,” which the company has demoed extensively to the press and offered limit……

Chinese Influence, Loan-Collection Practices Reasons For India’s Crackdown on Lending Firms

India’s push to ban over 90 lending apps has sent shockwaves to the fintech industry as many scramble to understand why they have been impacted. The Ministry of Electronics and IT’s move is reportedly aimed at protecting the nation’s integrity and curb……