Recreating the Pop Ball

Those who were kids in the 80s may remember a sweet little toy called the Pop Ball. A simple rubber hemisphere, this rubber cup could be turned inside out and …read more

How ‘Smart Keys’ Have Fueled a New Wave of Car Thefts

“One London resident watched on CCTV as a thief walked up to his £40,000 car and drove away,” reports the Observer. “Now manufacturers say they are being drawn in to a hi-tech ‘arms race’ with criminals.”

[H]i-tech devices disguised as handheld……

Bit-Serial CPU: Ultra-Tiny VHDL-Based CPU With Forth Interpreter

Soft cores for FPGAs come in many different flavors, covering a wide range of applications. The Bit-Serial CPU (bcpu) soft core presented by [Richard James Howe] is interesting for taking …read more

Scientists Pursue Cancer Vaccines Tailored to the Genetic Makeup of an Individual’s Tumor

“The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which selects Nobel laureates in chemistry and physics, last week awarded Dr. Wu its Sjöberg Prize in honor of ‘decisive contributions’ to cancer research,” reports CNN.

Their profile of the oncologist fro……

Tetris Goes Round and Round

You’ve probably played some version of Tetris, but [the Center for Creative Learning] has a different take on it. Their latest version features a cylindrical playing field. While it wouldn’t …read more

License Plate-Scanning Company Violates Privacy of Millions of California Drivers, Argues Class Action

“If you drive a car in California, you may be in for a payday thanks to a lawsuit alleging privacy violations by a Texas company,” report SFGate:

The 2021 lawsuit, given class-action status in September, alleges that Digital Recognition Network is bre……

Boeing Removes Head of Its 737 Max Program After January’s ‘Door Bolts’ Incident

On Wednesday Boeing “removed executive Ed Clark, the head of its 737 Max passenger jet program,” reports CNN, “after a dramatic — and terrifying — midair blowout in January underscored ongoing problems with the jet.”

A preliminary report……

New York Will Start Requiring Credentials for All CS Teachers

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes: In 2012, Microsoft President Brad Smith unveiled Microsoft’s National Talent Strategy, which called for K-12 Computer Science education for U.S. schoolchildren to address a “talent crisis [that] endangers long-t……

Tiny Motion Detection Alarm Does the Trick

If you have mischievous children or forgetful elderly in your life, you might want to build a couple of these tiny motion detection alarms to help keep them out of …read more

Covid Death Toll in US Likely 16% Higher Than Official Tally, Study Says

The Guardian reports:
The Covid death toll in the U.S. is likely at least 16% higher than the official tally, according to a new study, and researchers believe the cause of the undercounting goes beyond overloaded health systems to a lack of awareness ……