Month: January 2023

Instagram Co-Founders Introduce Artifact, an AI-Powered News App – CNET

The duo opened up a waitlist for the new app on Tuesday….

Oracle cozies up to IBM, adds Red Hat Enterprise Linux

So much for being ‘Unbreakable’ say developers
Oracle may offer its own Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) compatible operating system, but clearly not all public cloud developers are happy with the company’s “Unbreakable” kernel and would prefer the real……

‘Worst-Case Scenario’ Space Junk Collision Barely Avoided – CNET

A defunct satellite and a leftover rocket part almost smack together. It would have made the space junk problem even worse….

Unlock your trapped data: Driving insights from edge-to-cloud

Explore how hybrid cloud and edge computing technologies often create data silos, and how systems like HPE’s GreenLake can transform those silos into resources and actionable insights….

Critical VMware RCE Vulnerabilities Targeted by Public Exploit Code

Security vulnerabilities in VMware’s vRealize Log Insight platform can be chained together to offer a cybercriminals a gaping hole to access corporate crown jewels….

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Video Game Delayed to April – CNET

Cal Kestis’ next adventure was Force-pushed back a month….

Google Fi Says Hackers Accessed Customers’ Information

Google’s cell network provider Google Fi has confirmed a data breach, likely related to the recent security incident at T-Mobile, which allowed hackers to steal millions of customers’ information. From a report: In an email sent to customers on Monday,……

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series QLED review: Worth it for Alexa fans, and up to $170 off

The Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED offers excellent picture and audio quality, and you can save up to $170 during Amazon’s Memorial Day sale…

KiCanvas Helps Teach And Share KiCad Projects In Browsers

Showing KiCanvas board viewer component inside a browser window, with a board being displayed and toggleable layers

KiCad is undeniably the hacker favourite when it comes to PCB design, and we’ve built a large amount of infrastructure around it – plugins, integrations, exporters, viewers, and much more. …read more

12 Best Cardio Workouts – CNET

Get more out of your exercise with these great cardio workouts….