Month: May 2023

AI has created areas so grey, you could write a song about it

The emergence of ChatGPT has polarized people in the same artistic communities. We should take a close look at what the recent Ed Sheeran lawsuit foretells about our AI era….

Smartphone Shipments Are Forecast to Decline in 2023 Thanks to Inflation – CNET

Despite a lower forecast for 2023, look for the market to rebound in 2024….

You can now send Snapchat’s AI chatbot photos and get a response (warning, it’s creepy)

Snapchat’s AI chatbot can start up convos from photos you send it. Here’s what you need to know….

Ransomware Attack On US Dental Insurance Giant Exposes Data of 9 Million Patients

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: An apparent ransomware attack on one of America’s largest dental health insurers has compromised the personal information of almost nine million individuals in the United States. The Atlanta-based Ma……

Using ChatGPT for job applications could backfire on you, according to this study

You may want to rethink using ChatGPT to write your next cover letter. Here’s why….

Are VR headsets safe for kids and teenagers? Here’s what the experts say

Apple’s rumored Reality Pro headset is making waves. But, should it and other VR/AR wearables make their way into your home?…

Yet Another Toyota Cloud Data Breach Jeopardizes Thousands of Customers

The newly found misconfigured cloud services are discovered just two weeks after an initial data breach affecting millions came to light….

The Man Who Named the Metaverse Is Optimistic Despite Waning Hype – CNET

Sci-fi author Neal Stephenson says the metaverse’s foundations are maturing. New mixed reality headsets from Meta and Apple could help his case….

Texas judge demands lawyers declare AI-generated docs

After that New York case in which attorney cited ChatGPT-hallucinated proceedings as real
After a New York attorney admitted last week to citing non-existent court cases that had been hallucinated by OpenAI’s ChatGPT software, a Texas judge has directe……

Ubuntu Core as an immutable Linux Desktop base

motang writes: Canonical, the sponsor of widely popular Ubuntu Linux, plans on shipping the next LTS in two versions. In addition to the traditional version, there will be one immutable desktop OS flavor. From Canonical blog: The technology behind snap……