Month: November 2022

Cyber Monday deal 2022: Ninja Airfryer XL is a true impulse buy at 40% off

With holiday cooking being just around the corner, an air fryer can come in especially handy. During this year’s Cyber Monday 2022 sale, you can save $60 on the Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL. That’s 38% off….

Cyber Monday smartwatch deal 2022: Google Pixel Watch is $50 off for the first time

The Pixel Watch only came out last month, and today only you can get the new Google smartwatch for $300….

Cyber Monday headphones deal 2022: Save 40% on Beats Studio Buds today only

Beats Studio Buds Noise Canceling Earbuds are 40% off at Best Buy for Cyber Monday 2022. But the sale ends today….

Cyber Monday drone deals 2022: Save $90 on DJI Mini 2 Fly, up to 65% on accessories

Save $90 on a DJI drone, or get up to 65% off drone accessories during Cyber Monday 2022….

3 best Cyber Monday 2022 laptop deals under $1,000 at Costco, Amazon, and Dell

You can’t miss out on these Cyber Monday 2022 laptop deals. The Dell Latitude 7420 business laptop benefits from savings of over $1,300, bringing its price down to $889. Costco and Amazon have deals on MacBooks and LG laptops….

Jackery Cyber Monday deals 2022: Save up to 40% on portable power stations

Power stations are the perfect off-grid or blackout power source. Get up to 40% off Jackery power stations and solar panels….

Epson To End the Sale and Distribution of Laser Printer

Japanese electronics and printer maker Epson announced this month that it will end the sale and distribution of laser printer hardware by 2026, citing sustainability issues. From a report: According to the company, inkjets have a “greater potential” th……

Silicon Sleuthing: Finding a ancient bugfix on the 8086

Few CPUs have had the long-lasting influence that the 8086 did. It is hard to believe that when your modern desktop computer boots, it probably thinks it is an 8086 …read more

RIP Fred ‘Mythical Man Month’ Brooks: IBM guru of software project management

Turing Award winner who helped spread the eight-bit byte
Obit Dr Frederick Phillips Brooks Jr, leader of IBM’s OS/360 project and the man chiefly responsible for the prevalence of the eight-bit byte, has died at the age of 91.……

Meta Fined $277 Million for Leak of Half a Billion Users

Meta Platforms was slapped with a $277 million fine for failing to prevent the leak of the personal data of more than half a billion users of its Facebook service. From a report: The Irish Data Protection Commission, the main privacy watchdog for Meta ……