Month: November 2022

‘Cocaine Bear’ Trailer Just Dropped and It’s Ferociously Wild – CNET

The breakout movie star of 2023 might just be a black bear on coke….

San Francisco lawmakers approve lethal robots, but they can’t carry guns

Rise of the explosive machines San Francisco police can deploy so-called “killer robots” following a Board of Supervisors’ vote on Tuesday, clearing the cops to use robots equipped with explosives in extreme situations.……

DoorDash to Lay Off 1,250 Employees – CNET

The food delivery service is the latest tech company to cut staff….

Extremely Rare White Bald Eagle Captured on Video Looking Majestic – CNET

The bird was sighted in Oklahoma….

UK Internet Watchdog Increasingly Led by Ex-Big Tech Executives

UK’s Ofcom hired former Google executive Gill Whitehead to head up a team regulating search engines and social media firms, the latest in a string of Silicon Valley appointments as the watchdog prepares to impose sweeping new online safety laws. From a……

Microsoft Really Is Selling a Cozy Hoodie for Your Shivering Xbox Controller – CNET

Gift your favorite controller some swag this holiday season….

Nano-Sized 7-Segment LED Display on a Surface Mount Module

tiny surface mount seven segment display

Inspired by a prank tweet, [Sam Ettinger] endeavored to create an SMD seven-segment display.  The NanoRaptor NanoSegment implements a panel of seven-segment display modules sized at “0806” each or just …read more

How to add a quick access app launcher to the MacOS dock

If you want to work more efficiently, here’s how to access your apps from both the left and right side of the display….

You can use an AI Time Machine to see what you’d look like in different eras throughout history

A TikTok trend popularized the MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine, which generates realistic photos of what you would have looked like in past eras….

Amazon unfreezes some hiring to expand its datacenter footprint

No matter what, the cloud must grow
Less than a month after Amazon froze hiring amid worsening economic conditions, execs are preparing to accept job applications within its public cloud business again to expand its datacenter footprint.……