Month: March 2023

Elastic Expands Cloud Security Capabilities for AWS

Launching CSPM, container workload security, and cloud vulnerability management to modernize cloud security operations….

The FDA’s Medical Device Cybersecurity Overhaul Has Real Teeth, Experts Say

The physical and cyber safety issues surrounding medical devices like IV pumps is finally being meaningfully addressed by a new policy taking effect this week….

Mimecast Report Reveals Nearly 60% of Companies in UAE and Saudi Arabia Need to Increase Cybersecurity Spending

The State of Email Security Report reveals cyber risk commands the C-suite’s focus….

Groupon, Which Has Lost 99.4% of Its Value Since Its IPO, Names a New CEO

An anonymous reader shares a report: A dozen years ago, Groupon shot to fame popularizing the online group buying format, confidently rejecting a $6 billion acquisition offer from Google and instead going public with a $17.8 billion market cap. The com……

Pro-Islam ‘Anonymous Sudan’ Hacktivists Likely a Front for Russia’s Killnet Operation

“Anonymous Sudan” has been claiming that its DDoS attacks are in retaliation for anti-Islamic activities, but at least one security vendor is suspicious about its true motives….

OpenMandriva Rome version 23.03 is out now

Fresh installation image for the rolling-release edition of OpenMandriva
The project known as OpenMandriva has released new installation images for its rolling-release edition, with the latest kernel and the latest KDE Plasma – among many other choices……

Power From Plants? Newly Discovered Photosynthesis ‘Leak’ Means More Juice – CNET

Scientists think they’ve found a way to harvest more electricity from plants, a finding that could ripple out to other renewable energy technologies….

Audible is Testing Ad-Supported Access To Select Titles For Non-Members

Audible is testing ad-supported access to select titles for non-members, the Amazon-owned audiobook company revealed on a help page on its website. From a report: The company confirmed to TechCrunch that the test is very limited and does not apply to p……

NYPD blues: Cops ignored 93 percent of surveillance law rules

Who watches the watchmen? The Office of the Inspector General Back in July 2020, then New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology (POST) Act into law, which required the New York Police Department to reveal……

Reddit Says It’s Banning More People Than Ever in Big Transparency Push

An anonymous reader writes: Reddit’s transparency reports go beyond what most social media companies offer, providing copious data on content moderation and global legal requests. Now, the company has introduced a transparency center serving as a hub f……