Month: January 2024

Dems and Repubs agree on something – a law to tackle unauthorized NSFW deepfakes

You could say this was tailored for Swift
US Senators have introduced a bipartisan bill that would allow victims portrayed in non-consensual AI-generated pornographic deepfakes to sue the creators for damages. ……

‘I’m sorry for everything…’ Facebook’s Zuck apologizes to families at Senate hearing

Meta boss told in social media safety probe: ‘Your product is killing people’
Executives from the top social media companies faced contentious, sometimes contemptuous, questioning from the US Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday in a hearing titled:……

OpenAI Says GPT-4 Poses Little Risk of Helping Create Bioweapons

OpenAI’s most powerful AI software, GPT-4, poses “at most” a slight risk of helping people create biological threats, according to early tests the company carried out to better understand and prevent potential “catastrophic” harms from its technology. ……

High Caliber Engineering On A Low Torque PCB Servo Motor

Building a 3D motor printed motor is one thing, but creating a completely custom servo motor with encoder requires some significant engineering. In the video after the break [365 Robots] …read more

5 Great Bread Slicers That Will Guarantee Uniform Sandwiches – CNET

Lopsided toast, be gone!…

Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers for 2024 – CNET

Side sleepers, here are the best hybrid mattresses for you on the market. Tested and chosen by CNET mattress experts, these beds combine comfort and support….

Ivanti Patches Two Zero-Days Under Attack, But Finds Another

Ivanti warned on Wednesday that hackers are exploiting another previously undisclosed zero-day vulnerability affecting its widely used corporate VPN appliance. From a report: Since early December, ââChinese state-backed hackers have been expl……

79% of organizations faced a ransomware attack in H2 2023

According to a recent report, 79% of respondents said their company had been the ‘victim of a ransomware attack’ between June and December 2023.

DeepMind’s robot chef cooks up ‘novel’ materials with a side of controversy

Chemists dispute research claiming millions of recipes for inorganic crystalline compounds
Google DeepMind and UC Berkeley’s research into a robot cooking up new materials predicted by AI algorithms is being called into question by a group of chemists.……

Earplugs Aren’t Just for Hearing Protection: 5 Health Benefits to Know – CNET

Plugs can help keep your ears safe from loud noise, but they can also have other upsides for your health….