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SK Hynix posts first loss in 10 years from memory chip price drop

Like other memory chipmakers Samsung and Micron, SK Hynix has a tough year ahead….

SteamDeck: Become Printer

SteamDeck connected to a laptop with a USB cable, showing the 'printed-out' document on its screen inside a PDF reader

Wonderful things happen when we read the documentation. For instance, we’ve all seen a Raspberry Pi work as an Ethernet adapter over USB, or a ESP32-S2 presenting as a storage …read more

How Can Disrupting DNS Communications Thwart a Malware Attack?

Malware eventually has to exfiltrate the data it accessed. By watching DNS traffic for suspicious activity, organizations can halt the damage….

Microsoft Upgrades Defender To Lock Down Linux Devices For Their Own Good

Organizations using Microsoft’s Defender for Endpoint will now be able to isolate Linux devices from their networks to stop miscreants from remotely connecting to them. The Register reports: The device isolation capability is in public preview and mirr……

Jellyfish watches for the sting of developer bottlenecks

Dashboard your DevOps data and see where your team has been slacking
Boston-based software biz Jellyfish believes it can help devs write better code by focusing on the adjacent processes to avoid software slowdowns.……

Sony Halves Reported Sales Expectations For Coming PSVR2 Headset

Sony is drastically scaling back its sales expectations for next month’s launch of the PlayStation VR2 headset, according to a Bloomberg report citing “people familiar with [Sony’s] deliberations.” Ars Technica reports: The PlayStation 5 maker now expe……

Watchdog: There just may be something in these claims Apple broke labor laws

You’re holding staff meetings wrong?
The United States’ National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) – the federal agency that protects workers’ right to organize – has “found merit” in allegations that Apple’s rules, handbook, confidentiality policy, and exe……

PayPal, HubSpot Announce Layoffs

PayPal unveiled plans Tuesday to cut 2,000 employees, becoming the latest U.S. company to reduce its headcount, just hours after software company HubSpot announced it would lay off 500 positions in an effort to reduce costs as the company struggles fro……

OpenAI Releases Tool To Detect Machine-Written Text

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Axios: ChatGPT creator OpenAI today released a free web-based tool designed to help educators and others figure out if a particular chunk of text was written by a human or a machine. OpenAI cautions the tool is ……

Handmade GPS Tracker Keeps an Eye on Adventurous Cats

A ginger cat, wearing a blue harness with a brass and wooden box on its back

One of the most convenient things about having cats is their independent lifestyle: most are happy to enjoy themselves outside all day, only coming back home when it’s time for …read more