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The Oura Ring is on sale through Prime Day — and that never happens

The Horizon Oura Ring is $50 off during Prime Day, a rare discount on a product that irregularly goes on sale….

Intel’s China investments may have spurred fresh US restrictions

Has America been taking it too easy on local companies so far?
Analysis Intel’s investment arm might be forced to divest interests in China due to incoming US regulations governing American funds going to Chinese tech companies. The chipmaker is one of……

This XR media and gaming hub is surprisingly useful and affordable

The Xreal Beam Pro serves as a central repository to alleviate content fragmentation and save your phone battery….

RedMagic 9S Pro Is a Gel-Cooled Mobile Gaming Powerhouse for $649

This new iteration of the prior RedMagic 9 Pro highlights its cooling system and software updates to its gaming features….

I Tried ChatGPT to Help Knock Out an $18K Debt. It Went Comically Wrong

Overpaying debts and allocating more than my income to achieve my goals? Thanks, AI….

Tesla delays Robotaxi event as Musk makes design tweaks

Several models roasted for perceived flaws at this point, so maybe double-checking form’s not a bad idea
Tesla’s Robotaxi reveal event is being postponed after company boss Elon Musk decided the front of the vehicle needs a tweak.…

Ascend to new heights at GSX 2024

At GSX, leaders will immerse themselves in a nexus of timely insights, forecasting the ominous trends that loom on the horizon.

From the stone age to cutting edge: A case study on key management

Learn how Arizona’s largest school district improved operational efficiency through key management. 

This Robotic Lizard Climbs Walls and Is One of My Favorite Indoor Toys

This R/C Wall Crawler Gecko is a sure hit with kids stuck at home….

Clean Up This Prime Day With a CNET-Exclusive Tineco Wet and Dry Vacuum Deal

You can use this to clean hard floors to a shine — and vacuum carpets as well….