Month: March 2021

Biden will let Trump’s H-1B visa ban expire this week, report says – CNET

The new president will reportedly allow the ban to lapse Wednesday. …read more Source:: CNet

People’s trust in tech is at an all-time low, Edelman study says – CNET

Numbers have plummeted during the pandemic. …read more Source:: CNet

Stop Calling Everything AI, Machine-Learning Pioneer Says

An anonymous reader shares a report: Artificial-intelligence systems are nowhere near advanced enough to replace humans in many tasks involving reasoning, real-world knowledge, and social interaction. They are showing human-level competence in low-level pattern recognition skills, but at the cognitive level they are merely imitating human intelligence, not engaging deeply and creatively, says Michael I….

IRS could automatically refund taxes for unemployment benefits – CNET

Some unemployed workers might receive a second refund check in May. …read more Source:: CNet

IBM, Red Hat face copyright, antitrust lawsuit from SCO Group successor Xinuos

Big Blue and its claret-capped subsidiary accused of nicking UnixWare blueprints, lying, and conspiring Xinuos, formed around SCO Group assets a decade ago under the name UnXis and at the time disavowing any interest in continuing SCO’s long-running Linux litigation, on Wednesday sued IBM and Red Hat for alleged copyright and antitrust law violations.… …read…

Apple To Build Battery-Based Solar Energy Storage Project in Monterey County

Apple said Wednesday that it will build a battery-based renewable energy storage facility in Central California near a solar energy installation that already provides energy for all of its facilities in the state. From a report: Apple said the project will store 240 megawatt-hours of energy, or enough to power more than 7,000 homes for…

U.S. Army advances its 120,000 HoloLens-based headset deal with Microsoft

The augmented-reality headset contract could be worth up to $21.88 billion over ten years, Microsoft says. …read more Source:: ZDNet

Micron Technology forecasts Q3 revenue, EPS well above consensus, shares rise

Micron said its market for memory chips is seeing “rapidly improving conditions.” …read more Source:: ZDNet

Get this touchless foaming soap dispenser for just $10.50, the lowest price ever – CNET

Luxuriate in the bliss of foaming suds for less than half the price of most similar dispensers. …read more Source:: CNet

83% of Businesses Hit With a Firmware Attack in Past Two Years

A new Microsoft-commissioned report finds less than 30% of organizations allocate security budget toward preventing firmware attacks. …read more Source:: DarkReading