Month: January 2019

TheMoon Rises Again, With a Botnet-as-a-Service Threat

A new module allows it to be rented to other malicious actors — and it’s likely other new capabilities are coming down the pike. …read more Source:: Threatpost

Apple Blocks Google From Running Its Internal iOS Apps

Apple has now shut down Google’s ability to distribute its internal iOS apps, following a similar shutdown that was issued to Facebook earlier this week. From a report: A person familiar with the situation tells The Verge that early versions of Google Maps, Hangouts, Gmail, and other pre-release beta apps have stopped working today, alongside…

Another Apple engineer cuffed over alleged self-driving car data theft: FBI swoop on bod as he boards plane to China

Jizhong Chen accused of copying work hard drive, snap pics of highly secretive project A second Apple engineer has been arrested by the Feds for allegedly stealing copies of the tech giant’s self-driving car blueprints.… …read more Source:: TheRegister

Amazon’s surging revenue growth shows signs of slowing – CNET

Years of rapid growth are starting to catch up to the e-commerce giant. …read more Source:: CNet

Prisons Across the US Are Quietly Building Databases of Incarcerated People’s Voice Prints

In New York and other states across the country, authorities are acquiring technology to extract and digitize the voices of incarcerated people into unique biometric signatures, known as voice prints. From a report: Prison authorities have quietly enrolled hundreds of thousands of incarcerated people’s voice prints into large-scale biometric databases. Computer algorithms then draw on…

K40 Gets A Leg Up With Open Source Z Table

If you’ve done even the most cursory research into buying a laser cutter, you’ve certainly heard of the K40. Usually selling for around $400 USD online, the K40 is not so much a single machine as a class of very similar 40 watt CO2 lasers from various Chinese manufacturers. As you might expect, it takes…

Nissan lets you know what size TV will fit in each of its SUVs ahead of the big game – Roadshow

You might not want to take your Kicks to pick up your new 75-incher. …read more Source:: CNet

Amazon Begins Pulling Products From Its India Site as Local Government’s Strict New Policies Go Into Effect

An anonymous reader writes: Amazon and Walmart have been dealt a big blow in India, one of their most important markets, after the local government today declined a request to extend the deadline for the implementation of revised rules regarding how foreign ecommerce platforms sell goods and conduct business in the country. The local government,…

Fortnite season 7, week 9 challenges and how to pop 10 golden balloons – CNET

The Fortnite season 7 challenges are officially live and shouldn’t be too hard to complete, especially with some maps to guide you. …read more Source:: CNet

Lowe’s pulls the plug on the Iris smart home platform – CNET

The whole system is shutting down in March, leaving customers with expensive bricks. …read more Source:: CNet