Month: February 2021

Did ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Bot Accounts Hype GameStop’s Stock and Dogecoin?

Reuters reports: Bots on major social media platforms have been hyping up GameStop Corp and other “meme” stocks, according to an analysis by Massachusetts-based cyber security company PiiQ Media, suggesting organized economic or foreign actors may have played a role in the Reddit-driven trading frenzy… it is unclear how influential they were in the overall…

Everything coming to Netflix in March 2021 – CNET

We have the DOTA anime, the Notorious BIG documentary and much more. …read more Source:: CNet

Watch: Post Malone headlines Pokemon Day virtual concert – CNET

The rapper celebrates the monster-catching franchise’s 25th anniversary. …read more Source:: CNet

BGA Soldering and Inspection

If you want to build cool things these days, you’ve probably had to master surface mount electronics. However, for many people, ball grid array (BGA) is still intimidating. Have a look at [VoltLog’s] video about his techniques for soldering BGA and inspecting that you managed to do it right. He’s got quite a few tips…

Exploring the Open Source That Really Goes Into a RISC-V Chip

“Maker Andreas Spiess talks about the Open Source that really goes into a RISC-V chip and the ESP32-C3,” writes Slashdot reader nickwinlund77 — sharing a link to this article from Hackaday: It’s an exciting time in the world of microprocessors, as the long-held promise of devices with open-source RISC-V cores is coming to fruition. Finally…

The First AI-written Play Isn’t Shakespeare – but It Has Its Moments

Science magazine describes what happens when a robot writes a play: The 60-minute production — AI: When a Robot Writes a Play — tells the journey of a character (this time a robot), who goes out into the world to learn about society, human emotions, and even death. The script was created by a widely…

Get a cordless stick vacuum or portable wet-dry vac for up to 45% off – CNET

If only there was some sort of pun about cleaning up on this vacuum sale. …read more Source:: CNet

Lady Gaga’s stolen dogs returned, Gaga calls injured dog walker ‘a hero’ – CNET

An unnamed woman took Lady Gaga’s dogs to an LAPD police station. …read more Source:: CNet

The Dream of Sending a Submarine Through the Methane Seas of Saturn’s Moon Titan

“Mars, Shmars; this voyager is looking forward to a submarine ride under the icebergs on Saturn’s strange moon,” says the New York Times, introducing a piece by cosmic affairs correspondent Dennis Overbye: What could be more exciting than flying a helicopter over the deserts of Mars? How about playing Captain Nemo on Saturn’s large, foggy…

WandaVision episode 8 recap: Marvel show dives into Wanda’s painful past – CNET

It’s time for some heart-wrenching exposition. And you should stick around for the credits again. …read more Source:: CNet