Month: April 2023

Russian Forces Suffer Radiation Sickness After Digging Trenches and Fishing in Chernobyl

The Independent reports:

Russian troops who dug trenches in Chernobyl forest during their occupation of the area have been struck down with radiation sickness, authorities have confirmed.

Ukrainians living near the nuclear power station that explode……

Chess has a New World Champion: China’s Ding Liren

The Guardian reports:
The Magnus Carlsen era is over. Ding Liren becomes China’s first world chess champion. The country now can boast the men’s and women’s titleholders: an unthinkable outcome during the Cultural Revolution when it was banned as a gam……

A Microneedle Vaccine Patch Printer for Thermostable mRNA Vaccines

What if you could get vaccinated with the ease of putting on an adhesive bandage? This is the promise of microneedle patches (MNP), which are essentially what they sound like. …read more

Droids for Space? Startup Plans Satellites With Robotic Arms For Repairs and Collecting Space Junk

The Boston Globe reports on a 25-person startup pursuing an unusual solution to the problem of space junk:

“Imagine if every car we ever created was just left on the road,” said aerospace entrepreneur Jeromy Grimmett. “That’s what we’re doing in space……

Ben & Jerry’s Cofounder Launches Nonprofit Cannabis Line

The “Ben” in Ben & Jerry’s “has gone from ice cream to cannabis with a social mission,” reports the Chicago Tribune:

Ben Cohen has started Ben’s Best Blnz, a nonprofit cannabis line with a stated mission of helping to right the wrongs of the war o……

Transition to EVs Cited as More Automakers Reduce Workforces

This February Ford cut 3,800 jobs, according to CNN, “citing difficult economic conditions and its major push toward electric vehicles… The veteran automaker said the layoffs were primarily triggered by its transition to electric vehicles, and a redu……

Embed Hardware Into 3D Prints, But Not In The Way You’re Thinking

[Christopher Helmke] is doing fantastic work in DIY systems for handling small hardware like fasteners, and that includes robotic placement of hardware into 3D prints. Usually this means dropping nuts …read more

OpenAI CTO Says AI Systems Should ‘Absolutely’ Be Regulated

Slashdot reader wiredmikey writes: Mira Murati, CTO of ChatGPT creator OpenAI, says artificial general intelligence (AGI) systems should be “absolutely” be regulated. In a recent interview, Murati said the company is constantly talking with governments……

Linux Foundation Announces DentOS 3.0, an Open Source Network OS for Disaggregated Networks

This month the Linux Foundation announced version 3.0 of DentOS, an open source network operating system using the Linux kernel, Switchdev, and other Linux-based projects for a standardized network operating system “without abstractions or overhead,” a……

Save Up to 40% on Phone Stands, Grips and More at Clckr’s 1-Day Flash Sale – CNET

Grab some sleek new phone accessories for less, with price stating at just $12….