Author: Konic

Adobe exec puffs cloud shop: Online features are so ‘compelling’… What are they again?

CS6 is getting long in the tooth. Soon they will all inhale cloud………

Waits ahead for some Google Nexus 5 models in Europe

Will consumers face lengthy delays to get their hands on the Nexus 5, or have Google and LG prepared better this time?……

A post-Snowden US had better not SQUEAL about Chinese cyber-spying

Some countries spy. Get over it, says ex-Marine……

Google to Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners: No KitKat for you

The company says the Galaxy Nexus falls outside the 18-month update window…….

Hello Kitty: Japan’s Line inks Sanrio deal to conquer US

Japan-based messaging and VoIP calling service Line hopes the cute Sanrio character will entice US users to check out its mobile messaging app…….

Mixed tape: Overland Storage buys Tandberg Data in CASH-FREE transaction

$60m price tag – but Overland’s had to pay completely in stock……

Windows 8.1 surges in usage as XP continues to drop

The latest web usage numbers from NetMarketShare for October show that free is the key to success. Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 and Apple’s new OS X Mavericks, both released as free updates, found their way onto a significant number of PCs for the month…….

Microsoft, Apple and Others Launch Huge Patent Strike at Android

New submitter GODISNOWHERE writes “Nortel went bankrupt in 2009. In 2011, it held an auction for its massive patent portfolio. The winners of the auction were Apple, Microsoft, Sony, RIM, and others, who bought the patents for $4.5 billion as a consortium named Rockstar Bidco. At the time, many people speculated those patents would be…

Path to head to BlackBerry in 2014 — report

The private social network has built its popularity with help from iOS and Android…….

Google improves webmaster tools for hacked site recovery

When Google accuses you of serving malware or spam from your web site it’s a humiliating outrage. The company has improved their tools for you to recover your site and its reputation…….