Month: March 2024

After Losing Billions, Disney+ Tries Integrating Hulu Into Its App

“Subscribers of both Disney+ and Hulu can now access Hulu content through the Disney+ app,” reports the Los Angeles Times, “as the Burbank media and entertainment giant launched its one-app integration of the two streaming services Wednesday…”

The m……

Give Your Pi Pico Captouch Inputs For All Your Music Needs

The board in question, with a Pi Pico soldered on, with old PCBs for macropads being used as captouch electrodes

Unlike many modern microcontrollers, RP2040 doesn’t come with a native capacitive touch peripheral. This doesn’t mean you can’t do it – the usual software-driven way works wonderfully, and only requires …read more

America’s FDA Forced to Settle ‘Groundless’ Lawsuit Over Its Ivermectin Warnings

As a department of America’s federal Health agency, the Food and Drug Administration is responsible for public health rules, including prescription medicines. And the FDA “has not changed its position that currently available clinical trial data do not……

Meta Used Spyware to Access Its Users’ Activities on Rival Platforms

New documents from a class action against Meta “reveal some of the specific ways it tackled rivals in recent years,” reports the Observer.

“One of them was using software made by a mobile data analytics company called Onavo in 2016 to access user act……

‘Dune 2’ Beaten by ‘Godzilla x Kong’

Godzilla x Kong “stomped all over expectations,” writes Deadline, “with an $80M opening, the second best start of the year so far, $2.5M behind the $82.5M opening of Legendary’s other big pic this spring, Dune: Part Two…

“EntTelligence reports that……

ESP-Drone: Building an ESP32-Based Quadcopter For Not Much Cash

What’s the cheapest quadcopter you can build? As [Circuit Digest] demonstrates with their variant of the ESP-Drone project by Espressif, you only need a minimum of parts, with at the …read more

Chrome Is Working On Tab Declutter On Android

“Google is testing the ability to automatically archive and delete inactive tabs in Chrome on Android,” writes Windows Report:

The experimental feature, called Tab Declutter, aims to simplify tab management by automating the process… After a set pe……

Rust developers at Google are twice as productive as C++ teams

Code shines up nicely in production, says Chocolate Factory’s Bergstrom Echoing the past two years of Rust evangelism and C/C++ ennui, Google reports that Rust shines in production, to the point that its developers are twice as productive using the lan……

Must-Have Winter Workout Gear: The Best Jackets, Leggings, Socks and More – CNET

Best cold weather workout picks that every outdoor enthusiast needs in their wardrobe….

AT&T Data Breach: What Is AT&T Doing for the 73 Million Accounts Breached? – CNET

If you’re worried about your data, here’s what you can do, including how to reset your AT&T account passcode….