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Cat Skull for Internet Connection Divination

A cat skull enclosed in a domed security camera enclosure with green LEDs illuminating the eye sockets, sitting on a table with other skulls and rocks.

[Emily Velasco] has an internet provider that provides sub-par connectivity. Instead of repeatedly refreshing a browser tab to test if the network is up, [Emily] decided to create an internet …read more

Can Codon ‘Turbocharge Python’s Notoriously Slow Compiler’?

IEEE Spectrum reports on Codon, a Python compiler specifically developed to, as they put it, “turbocharge Python’s Notoriously slow compiler.”

“We do type checking during the compilation process, which lets us avoid all of that expensive type manipul……

Space Scientists Reveal Brightest Gamma Explosion Ever

It was 10 times brighter than any previously detected, reports the BBC, noting it illuminated much of the galaxy.

RockDoctor (Slashdot reader #15,477) writes: A recent paper on ArXiv describes a Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) whose light arrived late last ye……

Scammers are Tricking Instagram Into Banning Influencers

ProPublica looks at “a booming underground community of Instagram scammers and hackers who shut down profiles on the social network and then demand payment to reactivate them.”

While they also target TikTok and other platforms, takedown-for-hire scam……

Blender and openEMS Teamed Up Make Stunning Simulations

There’s tons of theory out there to explain the behavior of electronic circuits and electromagnetic waves. When it comes to visualization though, most of us have had to make do …read more

California’s Rain Slows Construction for Its High-Speed Bullet Train

The Fresno Bee newspaper reports that flooding in parts of California “have also ground work to a halt at several key construction sites for California’s high-speed rail project.”

But while standing water at some locations has prevented work crews fr……

With Easy AI-Generated Deepfakes, Is Every Day April Fool’s Day Now?

“Every day is April Fool’s Day now, requiring a low but constant effort,” argues Motherboard’s senior editor, in a post shared by Slashdot reader samleecole.

“As AI-generated shitposting becomes easier, it’s inevitable that one of these will catch yo……

SpaceX’s Starship Gets Its First Commercial Contract to Moon’s Surface

“SpaceX has its first commercial cargo contract to the lunar surface,” says Jaret Matthews, the founder of the tiny startup Astrolab which makes a moon rover the size of a Jeep Wrangler. The New York Times reports:

On Friday, Astrolab announced that i……

Modern Dance or Full-Body Keyboard? Why Not Both!

If you felt in your heart that Hackaday was a place that would forever be free from projects that require extensive choreography to pull off, we’re sorry to disappoint you. …read more

These Angry Dutch Farmers Really Hate Microsoft

Wired pays a visit to a half-finished Microsoft data center that rises out of the flat North Holland farmland — where the security guard tells a local councillor he’s not allowed to visit the site, and “Within minutes, the argument has escalated,……