Month: December 2021

Airlines ask FCC to again delay C-band 5G rollout near airports beyond Jan. 5 – CNET

The Airlines for America association says 5G signals could disrupt flights and urges the FCC to delay C-band rollout until more testing can be done. …read more Source:: CNet

This Week in Security: The Log4j That Won’t Go Away, WebOS, and More

In the past two weeks, Log4j has continued to drive security news, with more vulnerable platforms being found, and additional CVEs coming out. First up is work done by TrendMicro, looking at electric vehicles and chargers. They found a log4j attack in one of the published charger frameworks, and also managed to observe evidence of…

Ask Slashdot: New Year’s Resolution For Tech Companies?

theodp writes: Slashdot has surveyed personal New Year’s resolutions in the past. So this year, how about coming up with a list of New Year’s resolutions you’d like to see tech companies keep in 2022? As for me, I’d like to see the tech giants resolve to making their desktop software work in the Cloud…

NASA says ISS operations will be extended through 2030 – CNET

The extension will “enable a seamless transition” to commercial space stations, says NASA. …read more Source:: CNet

CES 2022 will close on Jan. 7 amid COVID concerns, major exhibitors pulling out of show – CNET

The CTA announced the change as a safety measure for CES 2022. The move follows as Microsoft, Google, Intel and more shift to digital-only attendance. …read more Source:: CNet

Your orange cat isn’t any dumber than its feline friends: Busting cat-color myths – CNET

Tuxedo cats seem friendlier, and tortoise shell cats have “tortitude.” But what does science say? …read more Source:: CNet

Asus, Lenovo leak ROG Flow Z13, Legion Y700 gaming tablets before CES

While details remain elusive on the new devices, the manufacturers’ teasers beg the question Will 2022 be the year of the gaming tablet? …read more Source:: ZDNet

The most important Oculus Quest 2 accessories are on sale today – CNET

The Quest 2 is an amazing machine, and everything you need to make it even more awesome is on sale today. …read more Source:: CNet

Everything worth buying in Bed Bath & Beyond’s new years clearance sale – CNET

Get big savings on bedding, kitchen appliances, bath, dining, and more. …read more Source:: CNet

6 biggest surprises from the Harry Potter 20th anniversary special – CNET

Emma Watson “fell in love” with who? Plus: Fire alarm at Hogwarts, and the cast member who completely fooled Dumbledore. …read more Source:: CNet