Month: August 2023

Now Middle East nations banned from getting top-end Nvidia AI chips

While ASML says it can keep selling DUV kit to China through 2023
You can add parts of the Middle East to the list of regions where you can’t buy Nvidia’s top-specced A100 and H100 accelerators, judging from a regulatory filing by the chip designer for……

National Cybersecurity Alliance Receives 200K Grant From Craig Newmark Philanthropies for HBCU Cybersecurity Program

Cygna Labs Corp. Announces Expansion of its DNS Firewall Service

Introducing SafeUTM: The Free Version of NGFW

UK Government Seeks Expanded Use of AI-based Facial Recognition By Police

UK’s Home Office is looking to increase its use of controversial facial recognition technologies to track and find criminals within policing and other security agencies. From a report: In a document released on Wednesday, the government outlined its am……

3 out of 4 Cyberattacks in the Education Sector Are Associated With a Compromised On‑Premises User or Admin Account

This Goole Chrome Trick Could Replace Manual Video Screenshots – CNET

Google announced the new Copy Video Frame feature Thursday….

Star Wars Chatter Back Chopper Hands-On: An Always-Listening Loudmouth – CNET

The droid from Star Wars Rebels and Ahsoka immediately gets chatty once its batteries are loaded in….

UN: Southeast Asia Gangs Are Trafficking Cybercrime Workers

Cybercrime syndicates are forcing people into working for them, and it’s a difficult issue to solve, involving digital platforms, political powers, and organized crime on a global scale….

Twitter says it may harvest biometric, employment data from users, per privacy policy

Not so much X gon’ give it to you, you gonna give it to X
As August and summer in the northern hemisphere draw to a close, Elon Musk’s Twitter is making several changes to its platform, including a privacy policy update noting that it plans to begin co……