Month: April 2022

Apple Extends Its Grace Period for Deleting Old (and Unpopular) Apps from Its App Store

“As a response to recent coverage of software being purged from the App Store, Apple is sharing its criteria for how it chooses to remove abandoned apps,” reports 9to5Mac. Apple’s announcement say it’s only flagging apps for possible removal “that Developers will also have more time to comply after being notified.” (90 days instead of…

Consortium is Creating ‘Passports’ to Track Contents and Repair History of Europe’s EV Batteries

Slashdot reader schwit1 shares this report from an automotive blog called The Truth About Cars: A group of German automakers, chemical concerns, and battery producers have announced the joint development of a “battery passport” designed to help government regulators trace the history of the cells. The consortium is funded by the German government and is…

Plant Growth Accelerated Tremendously with LEDs

[GreatScott!] was bummed to see his greenhouse be empty and lifeless in winter. So, he set out to take the greenhouse home with him. Well, at least, a small part of it. First, he decided to produce artificial sunlight, setting up a simple initial experiment for playing with different wavelength LEDs. How much can LEDs…

Mac Studio’s M1 Ultra Chip Outperforms on Computational Fluid Dynamics Benchmarks

Dr. Craig Hunter is a mechanical/aerospace engineer with over 25 years of experience in software development. And now Dixie_Flatline (Slashdot reader #5,077) describes Hunter’s latest experiment: Craig Hunter has been running Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) benchmarks on Macs for years–he has results going back to 2010 with an Intel Xeon 5650, with the most recent…

10 Essential Kitchen Tools for a Vegan Kitchen in 2022 – CNET

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HBO Max: The 36 Best TV Shows to Watch – CNET

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After Microsoft Releases Patch for RPC Exploit: What the Honeypot Saw

Long-time Slashdot reader UnderAttack writes: After Microsoft patched and went public with CVE-2022-26809, the recent Remote Procedure Call vulnerability, the SANS Internet Storm Center set up a complete Windows 10 system exposing port 445/TCP “to the world.” The system is not patched for the RPC vulnerability. But so far, while it has seen thousands of…

HBO Max: The 28 Best Movies to Watch – CNET

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Brooklinen’s Birthday Deal Offers 20% Off Sitewide – CNET

Save on comfy and cozy treasures that will make your home the oasis you deserve. …read more Source:: CNet

Hacking Toy RC Cars With The HackRF One

The origin story for many who’d call themselves a member of the hacker community usually starts with taking things apart as a child just to see how they worked. For [Radoslav], that trend doesn’t seem to have slowed down, and he’s continued taking toys apart. Although since it’s his daughters little radio controlled car, he…